Fitting in Fitness

I’m antsy. Antsy to be more regular with my fitness routine. Antsy to run. Antsy to race. Antsy to have my endurance back.


BUT, I’m also tired. I’m hungry. I’m thirsty. Xander still isn’t the best sleeper and my breastfeeding metabolism is out of control. I’m not using these as excuses, this is just simply how my life is these days.

When I find myself with a little time to myself I always feel like I’m juggling what is more important. Do I sleep now? Do I need to pump? How about food — how’s my hunger? Where’s my water bottle? Better fill it up. What are we going to eat tonight? I should probably figure that out. These are questions that my mind thinks of daily.

Lately my mind keeps asking me when I’m going to workout… when am I going to run. I’m longing to do these things but quite frankly, if I don’t have the right amount of rest, fuel, and hydration, my workout will be useless and I could potentially end up hurting myself. That said, there are days that I’ve napped enough alongside Xander and/or that I feel like I might have some extra fuel in the tank to expend. For these days, I’ve come up with a list of ideas to fit in fitness:

  • Morning stroller walks with Xander before it gets too hot outside.
  • Tuesday walks with the mommy group.
  • OnDemand workout videos.
  • Workout DVDs.
  • Weekend runs while daddy is home with Xander (plus I usually get to sleep in on the weekends — thanks babe!)
  • Working out with baby — he’s the weight!
  • Complete pushups and planks while Xander is doing tummy time.
  • Evening walks with baby and daddy (although it’s usually still too hot for X when John comes home and then it cools down near X’s bedtime).


This list helps me see that it is possible to fit in fitness if the situation is suitable. I’m honestly usually just too tired and choose to nap while Xander is sleeping. That to me is taking care of my body right now.

I know staying fit is taking care of your body too and I clearly have the passion to do so, but it’s just not at the tippy top of the priority list right now. The top priority is keeping Xander and myself healthy. We both need to be fed and we both need rest. Little boy relies on me for these things and I love being able to provide as mommy.

So even though I have a new excel document on my laptop for recording my workouts, I’m not putting myself on any sort of training plan yet. The time will come when I know when that is right, but that time isn’t right now.

I have goals, we all have goals, but my goal right now is to a raise a healthy and happy baby… fitting in fitness is a bonus that I know will become more regular shortly.

How did you fit in fitness during those first 6 months postpartum?


  1. 1

    I can totally relate with everything you have said in this post!!!

  2. 3

    It is hard to fit it in. Just daily activities wear me out! And remember bf’ing is burning calories. But I agree eating and sleeping are most important for you both.

    • 4
      Healthy Heddleston says:

      OMG does breastfeeding burning calories! I am so hungry.. especially during his growth spurts.. and was never this hungry during pregnancy!

  3. 5

    You’re one creative lady – I know you’ll think of some more great options to sneak it all in. I think the list above is already a solid one!

  4. 7

    you ARE creative and you are getting it done despite it all. AND your priorities are right where they should be. raising that beautiful little boy :)

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