C&O Canal – Riley’s Lockhouse

During my 37th week of pregnancy we drove to a C&O access point… or so we thought. We had found a trail that ran into to the C&O but there was no way to cross over the creek to get to it. We drove down the road and did access the trail, but the next time we ventured out we knew we wanted to find a better access point. It happened that Riley’s Lockhouse access point was just right down the road from where we already were!


When my sister was in town last week we went for a long walk on the C&O. The sites were definitely pretty and it was nice to get out and explore a bit more of our new city.


The C&O Canal runs along the Potomac and the views are awesome.


Since it was such a nice day, tons of turtles were laying around sunning themselves.

IMG_5629.JPG IMG_5630.JPG

We only had my point and shoot with us or I would have been able to zoom in more. There are at least 20 turtles on the long in the picture on the right — it was so neat! A few other people noticed that we stopped along the trail to ooh and aah over them and then we noticed that they stopped to!

It was a lovely family outing!

IMG_5628.JPG IMG_5635.JPG
IMG_5627.jpg IMG_5632.jpg

Reminders to ourselves from this outing:

  • Bring/wear bug spray when you are walking along the river.
  • Dress baby in as little clothing as possible and go as early as possible.
  • Walk on the right, pass on the left (this is a reminder for my dear sister).

John and I are really excited to start exploring and introducing Xander to the area. We’ve been working on a mental list of all the places and things we want to do in the area before we leave (or stay). John’s fellowship is two years so we know we’ll be here at least that long!

What are the first places your visit when you move to or visit a new city?


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    That looks SO FUN!!!! What a great way to spend some time together outside and bringing Xander exploring! you look great!!

  2. 2
    Lauren T says:

    What an adorable family! And, I’ve never heard of so many turtles being in one place at once. How funny!

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