Saturday Style: Reebok Realflex Optimal Shoes


I got new running shoes!! This really wasn’t the pair I was looking for, but the DSW by our house always has AWESOME sales and clearance sections. We were browsing for a new pair of sneakers for John, so we thought it would be a good idea to glance through the women’s section as well.

I couldn’t find Mizuno’s on sale, and after trying on a few other minimalist shoes, John spotted these beauties!

The dad of a baby I used to nanny for in Cleveland had a pair of these Reebok Realflex shoes and loved them. His praise for the shoes increased my willingness to try them on. When I put them on in the store they instantly felt so comfortable. For the past few weeks while preparing for my first run post-baby, I’ve been breaking them in during walks. I’m excited to give these shoes a whirl and see if my strike improves. These are more of a minimalist shoe without going completely minimalist. I really do like my VFF but they do pinch my left little toes in a funny way — so far these haven’t been!


I’m excited to update you with how running goes in these shoes — and, well, how post-baby running goes in general. For more information on my new shoes check out Reebok’s description of the Realflex Optimal running shoe.

What running shoes are you currently styling?


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    Super cute! I lvoe getting new running shoes! Always fun to run in them the first time!

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