AJH: Week 9

Xander is 9 weeks old today and has his two month pediatrician appointment tonight. He’ll be getting three vaccines today — two shots and one oral. I’ve heard that the oral one is actually the worst. I’ll hate to see him cry and know bedtime will be full of cuddles.


Little man got to see lots of family this week. My sister fly into town to meet Xander for the first time and my dad and stepmom made a day trip for my cousins graduation party, so we got to see them plus everyone at the party!

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Here are some notable mentions from week 9:

  • Will (usually) sleep in the crib but still wakes up 3-5 times a night. Yes, you read that right.
  • Rolls from back to side and back again.
  • Doesn’t hate tummy time anymore. Doesn’t love it, but doesn’t hate it.
  • Has SUCH improved neck control.
  • Is starting to look at toys.
  • Grabs a handful of shirt or blanket when you are cuddling him. This isn’t the first week that he’s done this, just the first time I’m mentioning it since he does it so often now. He will also grab your skin if there is nothing else to hold onto — little stinker.
  • Hates the heat.
  • Loves loves the bath.
  • Smiles a TON after waking.  
  • Is more tolerant of being set down for 10-15 minutes at a time in the swing, pack and play, chair, or play mat.
  • Has been getting uber cranky around 7:45 for bedtime. (Although the last few days he hasn’t been doing this).
  • Sat in the stroller without the infant carrier (car seat portion) for the first time for a short walk. The stroller has a complete recline option where he was laying down flat. He really seemed to like it and fell right to sleep on the walk.
  • Is still nursing well without the nipple shield. Like last week, he won’t nurse without the shield if he is worked up though.
  • Loves to stand.

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Even though Xander’s overnight sleeping habits are worse at week 9 than they were at week 8, he is still the light of our lives! We’re just a little more tired than normal. :) We love you little man!


Love, Mommy and Daddy


  1. 1

    Oh how I wish I was seeing you and meeting Xander this weekend. His little expressions are too cute.

    I bet he starts sleeping better again soon. With the changes in development it could be affecting his sleep. Both M and B would sleep worse during the week or two phases when they started picking up new “skills” like rolling over.

  2. 2

    Such a cutie! Love those eyes and chubby cheeks!

  3. 3

    He is SO cute!

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