AJH: Week 8

This week was a big week for Xander! We made our first road trip to Pennsylvania so he could meet his Uncle Billy (my younger brother) and his Great-Grammy (my maternal grandmother). The drive to PA was so-so. I had to keep reaching around to put his paci back in his mouth and I had to feed him a bottle from the front seat as well. This definitely made my arm uncomfortable. Plus, the trip took a little longer because rush hour was just starting but it wasn’t crazy.

Being in PA was nice though. Billy and Grammy loved him!

xanderandgrammy.jpg xanderandbilly.jpg

Four generations… (we’re excited to get a four generations picture for John’s side of the family because they’re all boys!)

four generations.jpg

While in PA, Xander slept in the crib my mom bought for when grandbabies visit. The first night he did well and the second night he spent most of his time in our bed. It was too cute though — he thought play time was at 4 am and LOVED looking at the shadows on the ceiling. Eventually John found the humor in 4 am playtime and we started making shadow puppets on the wall.

Our weekend visit also marked Xander’s first time going to church. We were trying to wait until as close to 2 months to attend church with him because of his weak immune system, but my church at home has a cry room, so we figured it would be a good transition church to try before our new one in Maryland. All in all he did a great job in church and we’ll be taking him to ours this Sunday.

We decided that I would sit in the back with Xander on the drive home to Maryland and of course he only needed his paci put back in his mouth once! Therefore, little stinker and I slept the whole way back!

In other 8 week news, Xander’s biggest development is tracking. He had already started to track us with his eyes but now it is so much more! His eyes follow you in an out of a room and he looks at what we’re eating and doing. It’s very neat to see his progress! His neck control is also so much better; he tolerates tummy time a lot better than before.


It is also just so fun to watch his little personality development. I think he’s gonna be a ham!

wideeyed.jpg touchdown.jpg sillyface.jpg

I forgot to mention it in his week 7 update, but X man is nursing ~50% of the time without the nipple shield during the day! Hip hip horrrayy!! He favors the left breast over the right when sans shield, but he’s getting better and better each day! I still can’t get him to nurse without the shield if he’s crying or in the middle of the night — but progress is progress!

Well that’s about it for week 8! My sister comes into town this afternoon and we are so excited for her to meet her first nephew!

Hope you enjoyed all the pictures from this week!

Xo, Katie


  1. 1

    I seriously love when babies sleep with their hands above their head. So so so cute!

  2. 3

    he’s absolutely precious!!

  3. 4

    I LOVE the pic of the family in generations! So cool. And that you were able to take him to church! He’s adorable!!

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