AJH: Week 7

This week has been a really great one. Xander and I have been getting out of the house and our little man is smiling more! We might have even heard a little coo too! We haven’t been able to capture a smile on camera, but trust me, before I know he’ll be smiling ALL the time!

He’s definitely having more happy awake time, which makes momma very glad. I’m starting to be able to set him down and have him content for 5-10 minutes while I make a quick breakfast or lunch.


Can I tell you how much I love his big eyes? It’s so cute when we walk into a dark room… he opens his eyes so SO big… it’s like he thinks that will help him see better.

Xander is tracking better and more often with his eyes which is really exciting. It seems as though we’ll be able to have real play time very soon.


X man is still sleeping in a swing in our room at bed time. This week we’ve been turning the swing off and he’s basically reclined in the chair portion. John was afraid that the clicking of the swing was annoying and so far he’s been doing very well. He’s been going down for bed around the same time and slept a 4 hour chunk initially for two nights in a row. Too bad we were only asleep for 2 of the 4 hours.

For the most part Xander and I are still up every 2-3 house feeding. John still helps me in the middle of the night too. Lately I’ve been most zombie-like around 3-4… but there have been a few times that John is doing a 1am feeding. Xander’s longest stretch of sleep is always the first one and after that it’s usually every 2 hours — sometimes 3… sometimes 1… sometimes 45 minutes. We’re still learning and figuring out what our little guy likes.


Yes he’s on his belly. This was a supervised nap in the pack and play. How precious is he?!

Have I mentioned that our neighbors had their baby? It’s a little boy and Xander and I have gone over a few times to visit and give mommy adult interaction.

We love evening walks with daddy and Xander has been having a fun time dancing with us in the kitchen.

I love this little baby oodles and oodles and am excited to see how he changes each week! (Look at how he’s filling out!)

Thanks for enjoying these updates with me; I certainly enjoy writing them. Once we hit 12 weeks I’ll transition to monthly updates.

xo, Katie


  1. 1

    He has the most beautiful eyes! I love the side view at the end of him napping. Scrunched up and sleepy. Love!

  2. 2

    too adorable!

  3. 3

    Glad to hear you have a hubby who helps at night (I hope Nick does the same!).
    Enjoy your weekend. And in two weeks…your first Mother’s Day!!

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