Body after Baby: 6 Weeks Postpartum

It’s been a little over a month since giving birth, so I thought it was time for a postpartum mommy update!


I guess some might call me a “lucky one,” but I reached my pre-pregnancy weight around week 3. I’m actually now a few pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight and haven’t done anything to facilitate that. I wasn’t keeping exact track of my weight and just step on the scale out of curiosity. My pre-pregnancy clothes fit – pants the same way and shirts and dresses in a different way.

IMG_6540 postpartumweek1 IMG_6662

Progress photos: leaving hospital, week 1, and week 2

As a previously small chested gal, my pregnancy chest and now my nursing chest seem out of control to me. Some of my shirts and dresses are either snug around the chest or show cleavage that I’m not used to or comfortable with. I’m definitely going to be happy when my chest size starts to decrease and hopefully goes back to its pre-pregnancy size (that will happen, right?)

Aside from the changes in my weight and chest, the only other notable difference is my stomach. I don’t think anyone else would notice this except me, but since it is my body I’m more in tune with how things used to feel. I feel very blessed that my stomach has gone back to its flat shape, but it is “squishy” to me. I’m confident it will tone up once I’m allowed to workout.

IMG_6747Progress photo: ~week 5 


At my two-week post-baby appointment with my midwife I wasn’t checked. She said my first check would happen at my six-week appointment and until then I could walk and increase the length of those walks. I was a little surprised that I wasn’t checked, but as always, it’s better to take things slow than to jump right back into exercise. I am excited to start running again, but I’m definitely going to have to figure out how to make my chest comfortable during exercise. I also want to get into a much better lifting routine.

My 6 Week Check-Up

Yay for clearance to start “structured exercise!” I’m supposed to gradually increase activity level and I’m so excited to do just that! I also received an exam and all my parts are back where they should me!

The only bad thing about my appointment was that I developed mastitis. I could feel it coming on the day before my appointment and the midwife just confirmed what I knew was inevitable. The antibiotics are definitely helping and I’m feeling so much better already.


My main mood over the past month has been overwhelming love for Xander. It is also amazing to feel an even deeper love for John every time I see him interact with X. Aside from my “love moods,” I’ve generally been happy. I’ve had a few teary meltdowns, but those have been very minimal.

week2withdaddy onemonappt

I’ve been tired here and there and very tired on some days, but I wouldn’t use the words sleep deprived to describe how this last month has been. Xander doesn’t have the best of sleep routines established yet, but even still, I’ve been feeling pretty good with how much sleep I’m getting. Prior to being pregnant, I considered myself a “professional napper,” now I’m able to put those skills to use even more.

Every Day Life

I’m under the mindset that you have to incorporate your baby into your life and not let having a baby keep you confined at home. John and I go for walks almost daily, I went to my first breastfeeding support class at 9 days post partum, I took Xander to the grocery store by myself at 3.5 weeks, and John and I visited friends in Arlington on X’s one month birthday. The trips have gone swimmingly and Xander has been a little peach!


Day to life day at home is becoming easier with each passing day. Xander is finally napping without me holding him, so if I’m not in need of a nap, I can start to do some writing and handle things around the house. Now that he’s napping independently, I’m starting to write down the times of which he goes down to see if a pattern starts to develop. Of course once he gets a routine established it will be time for his big three-month growth spurt and everything will change. Such is the life of a baby!


Can’t wait to update you at 2 months postpartum – I’m sure more formal exercise will be involved! Yay!

Thanks for all your support over these last 6 weeks! I really appreciate it!


  1. 1

    You look amazing my dear! I read on a blog somewhere this week about putting coconut oil on your belly to help firm it up. Who knows it works, but at least you’d smell like a beach!

    When you say you weren’t “checked” at your two week, what exactly didn’t they check? I’m so uninformed on these things!!

    Yay for little X-man!

    • 2

      I know I already emailed you this, but just in case someone reading the comments is interested…

      By checked I mean an internal exam. They check to see that your cervix is healing or completed healed and that your uterus has gone back into place. They also give you a breast exam… just fyi!

  2. 3

    looking great lady!!! love seeing you so happy with your little man :)

  3. 5

    You are doing amazing and look incredible!! I love your update and sharing what you are doing and the fact that this shows you can get back to pre-baby weight pretty quickly if you were active before and during your pregnancy. Just awesome. And I love how joyful you sound and how you incorporate Xander into your everyday. That is awesome :)

    • 6

      Thank you! It’s been quite a great experience! Sure I’m tired some days and a nap is pretty much a daily occurrence, but getting out of the house makes me feel refreshed and accomplished… having a little cutie by my side just makes it even more fun :)

  4. 7

    I love how settled and balanced you and your husband are about having the little one as part of your family now. Still doing “normal” things like you did before, but with him in tow as the only “major” change. You make it look so seamless!! AND you look great my dear, so happy you get to get into exercise again, I’m sure you’ve missed it!

    • 8

      Thank you so much Jess! I took a 3 mile walk today while carrying X in the Moby and man am I feeling it! Feels kinda weird that it seemed kinda hard! I definitely have some work to do on my endurance but I’m sooo excited about it. I also won’t always be carrying an almost 10 pound baby on my chest while doing so, lol.

  5. 9

    You look awesome Katie! So happy for you:)!!!

  6. 10

    You look great! I’m jealous of your professional napper abilities. Not being able to nap killed me when my boys were little.

    Glad you caught the mastitis early!

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