AJH: Week 5

I feel like Xander is going to be a teenager before we know it! How is he five weeks old already!? Doing these updates really makes me able to see all the changes in his appearance from week to week and the also help me realize how much he’s growing developmentally as well.

I know my blog has been about all things baby recently, but he’s the main event that is happening in my life! I do have some recipes and product reviews coming up soon though — so I hope you enjoy those.

For now though, it’s time to enjoy some more cuteness.


As much as we are trying to figure out what color Xander’s eyes will become, there is really no use in guessing at this age! Some days they look unmistakably navy blue and then other days they look more gray/hazely. All we know is that he wasn’t born with brown eyes… so his eyes still have a chance of going either way in terms of color.

He definitely has some cute big eyes though — I’m pretty sure that’s a mommy trait he inherited. I like it.

This week Xander has really made some strides in independently sleeping. For bed he now sleeps in his swing. He’s been giving us three main chunks of sleep, ranging from 2.5-3.5 hours at a time. Sometimes he wakes up shortly after going down and realizes he didn’t eat enough, but after a quick nursing session he’s ready for the longer stretch.

Napping during the day still just depends on what he is in the mood for. I can sometimes get him to do stretches in the pack and play or snuggled all cute in the boppy, but he still manages to get in at least one or two naps on my chest. I totally love the cuddles, but since we are trying to get him more independent at night, I’m trying to be consistent during the day too.


This past week Xander also had his one month appointment with the pediatrician. Poor guy had to receive his first shot. He let out a big wail but handled it pretty well. He was pretty fussy the evening of his appointment and the next morning, so we gave him tons of cuddles.

We’re not looking forward to his next appointment though. He has to receive two shots and an oral vaccine as well. I know he’ll be a trooper but seeing him get upset from the quick pain is so sad!

Anyway, Xander is up to 8 lbs 11 ounces in weight, 20.5 inches in height, and 37.5 cm for his head circumference. The doctor said those measurements are all around the 50th percentile. John and I both notice his weight gain and his newborn diapers are too snug now! We just switched to the size 1’s even though they look ridiculously big on him. We need a newborn.5 size!


The weather has been great and we’ve been going on almost daily walks when John arrives home from work. John got out the Bijourn and after the first two initial tries with Xander crying, he now likes it! Hopefully he doesn’t change his mind the next time we try it!

Xander and I have been able to get out of the house ourselves each week as well. This week we went to our first Discovering Motherhood group. Just like the breast feeding support group I attend, this group is associated with the hospital I gave birth in. The Discovering Motherhood group is a nice way to get to know other mothers and talk with the birth counseling about any issues or questions we might be have that week. I’m pretty sure we’ll be attending weekly for awhile!

Little mister is now loving the bath. We no longer set the little tub on the sink and wash him; one of us now gets in the big bath rub with him and we place the little tub in there. After he’s all clean we then have some play time where we get him really used to the tub. He loves it! He doesn’t love getting dressed afterward since it’s kind of cold and sticky, but baby steps..


Until next time, in just one more week…

Katie, John, and Xander


  1. 1

    Wow he has grown!!
    C is still in newborn diapers – just – although I don’t think it will be for much longer. I totally agree re the .5 sizes!

  2. 2
    Shannon Howell says:

    Love these posts because we get to see him grow up as well long distance!! Can’t believe how much he has grown!

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