Saturday Style: Motherhood Maternity

I’ve already talked about my experiences with Old Navy maternity wear and Target maternity wear, but today it’s time to talk about Motherhood Maternity. Motherhood Maternity is part of the Destination Maternity and Pea in the Pod Stores. Those three companies are all the same company, but all have a different price range. Motherhood Maternity is the affordable or least expensive of the three.

My first experience with the company was actually a bad one. In Cleveland, we had a Destination Maternity. I went into the store hoping to try on some jeans and ended up leaving the store crying. I didn’t look pregnant yet, no one said hello to me, I was overwhelmed and just left. The following weekend John and I went to Target and bought below the belly jeans. These worked for a long time and I didn’t go back to a Motherhood Maternity related store until Christmas time.

The Motherhood Maternity store in Altoona, PA was much better. First of all it was a small store since it’s a small town. The ladies were uber nice and SO helpful. My mom had bought me a two shirts for Christmas and we had to go back to exchange one of them. This experience was much better and it helped the company redeem itself.

Motherhood Maternity

Item 1 my mother-in-law gave my for Christmas. She knows I love pink! She also gave me the cutest dress, but unfortunately it was too tight on my hips. The exchange of the dress helped me buy items 3 and 6 though. I’ll get to those in a minute.

Items 2 and 4 are the items my mom gave me for Christmas. I feel like these pictures aren’t the most flattering of me in them, but they were definitely great shirts for the beginning of my third trimester. I’m certain I’ll wear them throughout my second trimester with future pregnancies.

Item 5 my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas. (Are you sensing a theme yet?) It was actually so fun to get maternity wear for Christmas – it was the first time I needed it and people were excited to style me! Item 5 is neat because it works kind of like a coat or for days when you just want to throw something comfy on. I would usually just wear a tank top underneath this.

Items 3 and 6 are my two pairs of full panel pants. Item 3 is a pair of gray dress pants and item 6 are jeans. John gave me a gift card and with the dress exchange included too, both of these pants were purchased! I actually think I have five bucks left on that gift card! Anyway, the pants are my pre-pregnancy size, but a petite in length. I kept telling everyone I “didn’t look as pregnant as I should” because of my long torso – now here is proof! I’m a 5’7’’ girl wearing petite pants! Even the girl helping us would not have guessed that I have shortie legs based off my height.

I purchased items 3 and 6 once we moved to Maryland. Everyone was helpful and even though I cried (yes, seriously, again), it was a great experience. They even gave me water. Oh, why did I cry? Just pregnancy hormones hitting due to being overwhelmed. Poor John had to describe to the girl what I wanted. What a trooper!

Just one bit of caution about this brand/the company: since there are three brands under the same umbrella company, make sure you double check the brands when you are trying clothes on. The sales girl is going to bring you styles from each brand, meaning you could fall in love with something that you thought was part of the less expensive brand!

What brands of clothing did you wear while pregnant?

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