AJH: Week 4

Mommy and I were tired on Thursday, so we didn’t get around to posting anything about my fourth week. Mommy is also dating this post as if it were Thursday — just for completeness sake.

See? I was tired…


Anyway, I guess we’re both still tired so this will be a quick post. This week celebrated my first Easter. Daddy and Mommy were trying to explain Easter to me, but then they took my picture by a bunny… maybe I’ll understand when I’m older.


I’m gaining weight and eating well. I love being in the Moby wrap and sleeping on Mommy’s chest. Life is good and I go to the doctor next week for my first shot (eeep!)

Time to take another nap now…

Love: Xander


  1. 1

    aww! so cute!! I love this ‘perspective.’ What a little peanut!

  2. 2

    Dear Xander: I’m impressed that at the ripe age of one month, you’ve already found your blogging POV. Your momma has taught you well :)
    Love Always,
    Aunt Alicia

  3. 3

    OMG….look at all that hair! He’s so adorable!!

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