My Pregnancy Journey: Week 35

As of today, February 28, 2012, I’m officially 36 weeks pregnant — only 28 days until my due date. Time to tell you all about week 35!


35 weeks pregnancy and I was wearing a pre-pregnancy sweater dress and leggings! Bounch! (As my sister would say.) I felt so cute in this outfit. It’s funny how taking a second to make yourself look put together can make you feel good!

What’s Up With Baby: According to BabyCenter, Baby H. is now over 18 inches long and weighs approximately 5.25 pounds (the weight of a honeydew!) I’m really excited to see how long our baby is because he still really likes to play in my ribs!

Weight Gain: Forgot to look! I’ll update this post later with it!

What I’ve Been Eating: Cheese quesadillas, bean burgers, grilled portobellos, salad (!), apples, fruit twists, and more. Those are just the items that stick out this week! Oh and cupcakes — white cake with chocolate frosting.

How I’m Feeling: I’m feeling good, but even long walks are starting to get uncomfortable. I think it’s super that baby child has been head down during my whole pregnancy, but he really makes things uncomfortable during walks — I feel like he’s gonna fall out sometimes! I’m exaggerating, but the pressure isn’t fun.

Next Midwife Appointment: March 1st! We get to review our birth “plan” with the midwife at this visit. I use that term plan loosely because they gave us a checklist sheet of wants and don’t wants which is of course helpful, but with some things I won’t know what I want until I’m in the moment! I’m being totally open with this “plan.” I will also be having my group B strep test at this appointment.

John’s Thoughts: So I have decided to save my larger “thoughts” for after little boy is born. I may even hijack Katie’s blog from time to time while she’s resting with the baby. My thoughts this past week have focused much more on praying for little boy to stay put until the due date. This being our first child, we have no idea how the baby and Katie’s body will react as the time draws near. That little guy needs to stay in there until at least week 37; at that point he will be fully formed and if he happened to come early, would not require any support for breathing, eating, etc. Although we’re both super excited to meet him (and I think he’s getting anxious to get out into the world), I want him to as healthy as possible. So far Katie and I have been fortunate to have a happy and healthy pregnancy…it just needs to carry over into a happy, healthy baby boy!

Baby-Related Accomplishments:

  • I’m all pre-registered at the hospital.
  • We chose a pediatrician.
  • We hung the book slings in the nursery. We as in John did and I watched.
  • Installed the car seat.
  • Moved the lazy boy into the nursery.
  • I started to lose my mucous plug. Yeah, I said it.

Baby-Related To-Do List:

  • Pack all three of our hospital bags. I’ve started to lay things out on the guest bedroom bed, but the pile is extremely small.

What We’re Looking Forward to This Week:

  • Hopefully watching a movie with my aunt.
  • A relaxing weekend.

Any tips for hospital bag items? Did you wish you had brought something with you and didn’t? Did you bring some things with you that you didn’t need at all? Let me know!

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  1. 1

    I went into labor exactly one week after I lost my plug. :)
    Sounds like you guys are ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited for you!

  2. 2

    Yeah, I know it can mean labor is going to happen soon for some! I called my mom and asked her about her experience — she would lose it and then go into labor in a few days. Then I called my stepmom and she said with her last baby she lost the plug 6 weeks early! She was basically on bedrest after that and the baby only came two weeks early.

    I called my midwife over the weekend (and I have that upcoming appointment on Thursday), so I’m curious if she thinks it’s going to happen soon! We definitely want to keep him baking until 37 weeks (only ONE WEEK away–cray cray!)

    Sooo, I dunno where I’m going with this story, but John has me on voluntary bedrest until my appointment lol.

  3. 3

    The idea of losing any sort of “plug” from down there makes me want to pass out.

  4. 5

    Agreed! I was eating lunch when I read this. My bad!!

  5. 8

    Sounds like you’re ready! My wife had our baby on the 1st day of week 37 … just make sure your house is clean. :)

  6. 10

    Love this post – even the part about losing the “plug” hahaha. You are so cute – love the outfit!

  7. 11

    You look great (37 weeks or not)! I’m with you…I can talk about pretty much everything whether or not I’m eating.

    About the hospital bag…I had a whole list I got from one of our classes and I ended up needing/using about 25% of what I brought! I bought granny underwear that went way up by my belly button as well as a nightgown (never ever wear those normally) in case I had an emergency c-section, which I didn’t. If I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t waste my money. I’d wait and see what happens and then maybe have someone purchase them for me if needed. I ended up wearing the lovely hospital gowns for the first day anyhow because they check you a few times to see if your uterus is shrinking.

    In my birthing class, they also encouraged suckers, massage balls, room sprays, music, and other soothing items. I may be the odd man out here, but I slept through almost all of my labor and some of my delivery! I didn’t need any of that stuff and then after Jake was born, I was so focused on him I didn’t even think twice about any of that stuff. I also didn’t use my computer, read my book, or work on his stocking while in the hospital either, though I brought a lot of that stuff with me.

    Some things I would definitely remember to bring are personal items like hair and body care items, makeup (if desired though I know you’re not into much makeup), underwear for day 3 or so (when you can go back to wearing your own with a pad…best feeling ever!), and of course your camera.

    If I had it to do over again, I probably would have brought my boppy or brest friend. I didn’t know what I was doing in the hospital so I didn’t realize how helpful one of those could be.

    If I think of anything else I think you may want to know, I’ll tell ya. :) Good luck, mama! If you have any questions, I’m around!

  8. 13

    “The plug” totally doesn’t gross me out :) Not much does! haha.

    And only a month to go??! whoaaaaa.
    love love love you!

  9. 15

    I can’t believe you’re at 35 weeks already! I’ve loved your updates each week.

  10. 17
    Shannon Howell says:

    I can’t believe that you are in the final month of your pregnancy! I was just thinking about you guys as this is around the time where we all met up at the EE Weekend!! Miss you guys and I can’t wait until Baby H is here! By the way you look great! :)

  11. 18

    wow, you look fantastic! As for hospital, bring some comfy clothes and socks. I also swore by the product called The Shower Hug!

    • 19
      Healthy Heddleston says:

      Thank you!! I just saved your comment from spam — sorry for my slow response! I’ll look into the The Shower Hug!!

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