My Pregnancy Journey: Week 33

Today, Valentine’s Day, I’m officially 34 weeks pregnant (whoa). Time to tell you all about week 33!


What’s Up With Baby: This week Baby H. weighs a little over 4 pounds (heft a pineapple) and has passed the 17 inch mark — no wonder I feel him playing around in the right side of my ribs!

Weight Gain: I gained exactly one pound this week, bringing my total pregnancy weight gain to 18.1 pounds.

What I’ve Been Eating: Lots of salad, lots of clementines, chicken soup, chocolate milk, and more. This are the only things that really stick out this week.

How I’m Feeling: Hm, well, this week I was a little emotional. I’m missing having friends in the area and my mind has been letting me think about that a lot this week. Sometimes when John tells me, “you have your two best friends built in,” it makes me all better and sometimes it just makes me tear up more.


Buying for Baby: We bought Baby H. a combo swing/bouncer seat over the weekend. We hope he likes it! The babies I’ve nannied for LOVED their little seat — the vibrations just soothed them to sleep. We also picked out bottles for our little man (of which will not be introduced until breast feeding is well established).

Next Midwife Appointment: Tomorrow! I get to meet one of the other midwives at this appointment; I hope I like her as much as I like Terri (the first midwife I’ve met).

Child Birth Class Details: I’ll write a full post about the class, but I thought it was a very helpful for the most part. The caring for baby section was the least helpful since I’ve been a nanny for many babies. My favorite parts were learning about the different positions to labor in, breathing techniques, and how to utilize the birth ball. Oh, I also enjoyed John wearing the empathy belly!


John’s Thoughts: As a pseudo-update to my thoughts last week, both the breast feeding and birthing classes were far more useful than I expected. The breast feeding class gave us great information on what is a proper latch for baby as well as time frames when certain milestones should be achieved (no bottles until 4 weeks, painful nipples = poor technique, etc.). I feel more knowledgeable about what should and should not happen with breast feeding so I can be of use to Katie and help her with the monumental task of nourishing our little dude. The birthing class also held a significant amount of useful facts and information that I had not expected. I will say that this class, which was 12 hours in total, had several areas of fluff that I feel could have been condensed. Part of the reason was no fault of the instructor: Katie has nannied for little babies for years and we both have medically-based training. A good deal of what was said was not news to at least one of us. I’m sure for brand new parents who have never cared for a baby, there was a lot more to glean from the class. One great thing that came out of the class was Katie’s enjoyment of the “birth ball.” As Katie mentioned above (and will go into more detail later), the birth ball helped her sit more comfortably and has various uses during labor. I’m sure she’ll be purchasing one soon. All-in-all, the classes were great and I would strongly recommend any new parents to take them. I feel even more prepared to welcome our little baby into the world and hope that I’ve been able to learn enough from these classes to improve my deficiencies. Even then, I already know parenting is a learning process…..

Before I end my thoughts, I want to give a little teaser for next week…I am going to talk about methods of enforcing rules (not talking about time out or spanking)! You’ll just have to tune in next week to see what I mean…

Baby-Related Accomplishments:

  • Attended a prenatal group interview at a pediatrician’s office.
  • Child birth class = done!


Baby-Related To-Do List:

  • Buy birth ball (aka exercise ball) pronto!
  • Attend another pediatrician interview tomorrow.

What We’re Looking Forward to This Week:

  • My mom is coming down to help me with curtains this weekend.
  • My neighbor is having her baby shower!

For all baby-related posts, please visit my baby page!


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    How are you 32 weeks already???! So fast!

  2. 3

    You look amazing girl! Time is flying! : )

  3. 4

    You are beautiful, my friend! And that picture of you and John?! LOVE!

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    What is the weight of your baby at 32 weeks ?

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