Can’t. Sleep. Rawr.

This is tired me.


This is where I twiddled my thumbs until 3 am. Then I finally fell asleep there from 3 am – 6:45 am; the time at which John was getting ready for work.


This is where I migrated to and slept from 7 am – 9:55 am.


I slept nestled between those pillows on my left side. I wish I would have slept longer. I’m thinking the little boy inside of me likes to have dance parties when I’m trying to rest. The other issue seems to be that I’ll be exhausted but my body just won’t let me sleep!

The night before last, I felt like a little baby who needed to cry herself to sleep. John woke up to me sniffling at 1:30 am and before you know it, it was a full on sobfest. After calming down and blowing my nose, I slept until 5 something that morning.

Sleeping hasn’t been my strong suit since entering the third trimester. This is just so unlike me.

Advice for a third trimester pregnant gal who desperately needs some sleep?


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    Can you not sleep because the baby is too active? All of mine thought that when I would lay down it was time for them to dance and practice their moves for auditioning for the Rockettes! I read that light music will soothe a fetus to sleep, so I had a special musical toy for each girl. It was always the first gift I would buy for them after the 1st trimester. When I would lay down at night I would wind the toy and lay it on my tummy or snuggle it near my tummy if I was on my side. Worked like a charm! Most nights she settled right down. And it relaxed me too- oddly enough. The best part- when the baby was born she recognized the music and it instantly soothed her as a newborn. We had cow who played Hey Diddle Diddle for the oldest, a lamb that played Rock A Bye Baby for the middle one, and a giraffe that played Twinkle Twinkle for the baby.
    I hope this helps.

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      Thanks Steph, that sounds like a great idea.

      I really don’t know the exact reason of what’s going on — movement is just one of my hypotheses. Sometimes I don’t think I’m tired enough for bed, but usually I think I’m over tired and my body just is resisting bed. My mom was also thinking maybe I have some hidden anxiety from the move and such and my body is feeling it even if my brain isn’t. I dunno!

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    Look at it this way…you’ll be ready for all those sleepless nights when you’re up every couple hours with Junior. Don’t worry..we can tweet. :)

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    Oh, how I hate that 3rd trimester no sleep thing. I wish I could give you tips to help it, but I don’t. I had to suffer through it. I guess the best I can say is you eventually forget it? Maybe? No? Well, BIG HUGS instead then!

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    This pillow:


    And this random imagery birth center hypnosis CD that I would listen to every night. It worked and was super relaxing.

    Good luck!

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