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Before I begin, I want to tell you up front that this is a sponsored blog post. A fellow blogger received a lot of flack last week during one of her sponsored blog posts and I thought a lot of the comments people left were unnecessary. That being said, I want to assure you that I only accept sponsored opportunities from products I truly want to try or from products I’m already familiar with and would use on my own.

The reason I was so excited to apply to this opportunity and then even more excited when I got selected, is because I have terrible eyesight. You may not have known that since 1) I don’t really talk about it and 2) I usually wear contacts instead of glasses. When I say terrible eyesight, I’m talking “have to be 6 inches away from the mirror to see myself if I’m not wearing correction.” And want to know something else? John’s eyesight is even worse, plus he has an astigmatism in both eyes. Our poor baby is destined to have bad eyesight. Hopefully baby boy will take after Aunt Ellen who has never worn glasses in her life!

Alrighty, now that you have a little background information, let’s get to it!

LC Logo.jpg

This week I will make my way to LensCrafters to try out their new AccuFit Digital Measurement System. I get to pick out new glasses and experience this new technology first hand. Here is what my current glasses look like:

IMG_6022.jpg IMG_6025.jpg

I really like that my glasses are rimless on the bottom, but John isn’t really a fan of the “cat-eye” look. Hopefully my side-kick will get to come with me this week, plus I’ll make him be my photographer, because the AccuFit technology snaps onto the glasses to take measurers. I’m sure I’ll be able to describe it better once I go for my visit, but this AccuFit video shows what’s going to happen.

LensCrafters states the AccuFit Digital Measurement System Benefits include:

  • Accufit Digital Measurements: state-of-the-art digital technology that measures the relationship between your eyes, face, and frame to more accurately place your prescription in your lenses for clear, crisp vision.
  • Provides five times more precise measurements than traditional, manual methods.
  • New, state-of-the art digital measuring technology. LensCrafters is the first Eye Care retail chain to introduce advanced digital optical measurements in both the U.S. and Canada.
  • LensSimulator: digital lens simulator that enables customers to experience that benefits of our advanced lenses to find the best option that fits their lifestyle.
  • VirtualMirror: digital images that enable customers to view themselves in their favorite frames and help them be confident they will love their new look.
  • Complimentary and exclusively available at LensCrafters.

LensCrafters offers a clearly different optical experience by helping you find your perfect pair of eyeglasses that allowed you to see 5x clearer. I can’t wait to try it first hand and tell you all about my experience! Stay tuned!

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by LensCrafters via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of LensCrafters.


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    Hey Katie, this looks awesome! Hope you like the new technology. Just wanted to let you know, though (in case you didn’t), that eyesight can change during pregnancy, so if the prescription isn’t perfect after the birth, etc, you’ll know. That said, though, I doubt you’ll actually notice any difference. I partly know this because in order to have Lasik surgery, you can’t be pregnant or breastfeeding within the past year due to the eye changes that he body experiences with all the hormonal fluctuations. Needless to say, I was sad when I found that out because I was signed up for Lasik when I was 6 months pregnant and super excited to have it done only to find out that I wasn’t eligible at the time after all! Anyway, enough about me. I hope you find some great glasses and have a good experience this week! Be sure to post pictures of the new specs!
    -Esther :)

    • 2

      Hi Esther! Thanks for the reminder!! I actually had my eyes checked at the beginning of my second trimester when we were back in Cleveland and my prescription didn’t change at all — so I’m super glad for that! This visit will be more to try the new technology and get a pair of rockin’ glasses! I’ll be sure to post pics of the new specs!

      So jealous you got lasik — John is dying to get it!

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