My Pregnancy Journey: Week 27

Whoa baby, I’m 28 weeks pregnant today! It’s time to tell you all about week 27 and what’s been going on!

IMG_5994.JPG IMG_5991.JPG

How Big is Baby: Baby weighs almost 2 pounds, like a head of cauliflower, and is about 14.5 inches long from head to toe.

How I’m Feeling: I’m feeling great, but I’ve been extra sleepy this week! I’m definitely a professional napper again!

How I’m Changing: I think it’s time I get a pair of full panel jeans. Either that, or I wear the ones pictured above for a few more weeks and then no jeans at all for the last ten weeks. My hunger has also been changing because I’ve noticed I need more frequent snacks.

Movement: Baby boy is a little mover and shaker these days! It’s so fun to feel him so much more now and I LOVE it!

Weight Gain: Since I haven’t had scale access for most of December, I don’t have a weekly gain. However, I did weigh in this week. My net difference is +9.5 pounds, but if you include the 9 pounds I regained after losing them in the first trimester, that would be 18.5. The 18.5 pounds puts me on track, the 9.5 pounds would put me below track. I’m measuring perfectly though and baby is healthy!

Doctor Stuff: My last appointment was on December 20th when we were in Ohio for Christmas. We drove two hours both ways from John’s parents house for our farewell visit. I meant to talk about this in my last update, but I forgot due to all our travels. Baby’s heartbeat was between 140-150 bpm and he was moving around like crazy.

I have two OB groups to call today and hopefully find a new doctor or midwife. I’m definitely going to miss Dr. Golden!


Number of Workouts: John gave me a big surprise for Christmas this year! He found the xBox Kinect for a super deal and bought me that with one of the Just Dance games! So this week my workouts included:

  • 40 minute Just Dance session
  • 30 minute Just Dance session
  • ~2 mile walk around our new neighborhood
  • ~3-4 mile walk around DC with our friends seeing the National Christmas Tree

What I’ve Been Eating: I’ve been eating so many potatoes — mashed, fingerlings, and fries once — all this week! And the more ketchup I can get my hands on, the better! I’ve also really been enjoying pancakes. :)

John’s Thoughts: Most of my thoughts this week have focused on starting my new job. However this preoccupation with work has also got me thinking about what it means to financially have kids. Katie and I talked about life insurance, health insurance, schooling, college, etc. all over the course of the weekend. When we prepared for our new arrival, most of the focus was on how cute the baby will be, his cute clothes, tiny socks, etc. but not as much thought is given to what it means to raise a kid in this world…at least being able to adequately provide for kids. So as I start my new job, not only am I thinking about the job itself but all that it means for our little boy!

IMG_5983.JPG IMG_5987.JPG

What We’re Looking Forward to This Week:

  • John starting work TODAY!
  • Hopefully getting the phone call that our crib is finished!
  • Trying a new church again this Sunday.
  • Having our couch delivered on Saturday!

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  1. 1

    Looking good, Katie! (p.s. you look so happy!)

  2. 3

    Katie, you look amazing. I can’t believe you are almost in your 3rd tri. WOW. And I love hearing John’s thoughts… what a sweet touch to these posts.

  3. 5

    You look great in these photos Katie!!

  4. 7

    SO cute! Amazing how fast this seems to be flying by! Good luck to John as he heads to the new job in the new year.

  5. 9

    I love that you took a photo with your OB!!

  6. 11

    You look so good Katie, you’re glowing:)!!!

  7. 13

    Thank you Ang!

  8. 14

    You are the cutest pregnant lady I have ever seen!

  9. 15

    BAAAABBBY!!!!!! I know you can “hear” my excitement! You are so cute!

    I hope John is settling into his new job!

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