Staying Healthy and Sane During a Relocation

I made it to Maryland yesterday! I’m staying with my aunt and uncle until the movers arrive with the truck on Sunday, but I get to see our townhouse today! I’m excited and nervous all at the same time! The movers are making their way to John’s parents house today to pick up the rest of our stuff, and John will be joining me in Maryland tomorrow! I hope you enjoyed Sara’s post yesterday about wordpress plugins; today I have Holly for you!

As Katie and John make their big move, I’m here to share a few tips about staying healthy and fit during a move. I’m Holly, the writer behind the blog Rust Belt Runner, and in September my husband and I moved from Indiana, across state lines, to our native state of Ohio.

Don’t let moving get the best of your health! Follow these suggestions to stay sane and fit during your relocation.

• Before canceling your gym membership, ask about transfers. If you ask for a membership verification letter at the YMCA, you can transfer your membership at your new location without paying any new member fees. See if your gym offers similar perks.

• As you eat down the cupboards at your old residence, write a basic grocery list in advance of your move. Every item in the store looks tempting when your new fridge is empty! A list will help keep your shopping in check and prevent forgetting any essentials.

• Plan your moving day meals ahead of time to avoid being tempted by fast food on the interstate. Nutrition bars can provide you a quick breakfast or snack on the road. Consider buying individually packed nut butters, dried fruit and other non-perishable snacks. And don’t forget to bring water!

Zing Bars

• Immerse yourself in the fitness community at your new location. Check out local running stores, yoga studios and gyms (if you are joining a new one). Scope out local parks and trails. Explore. You won’t know what’s in your backyard until you set foot out there.

• Ask bloggers in your new city for advice. Whether it’s what yoga studio to check out or what popular road races in your new community are, don’t be afraid to reach out to your peers. Healthy Living Blogs offers a state-by-state list of bloggers with health and fitness interests. Use social media to do the same.

• Sign up for a road race in your new area. Select a goal race that is far enough from your move date that you don’t feel immediate training pressure. Then as you settle in, work toward your fitness goals and see them through by racing in your new city!

Holly Half Marathon

• Lastly, take a moment to breathe. Embrace the changes that come with your move and give yourself time to settle in. It will take a while, but eventually you will feel at home again.

Holly is the Midwest writer behind Rust Belt Runner, a blog that chronicles her journey with running, yoga and healthy eating. Outside of blogging, Holly enjoys visiting local coffee shops and day-tripping. She can also be found on Twitter.

Have you ever made a big move? How did you stay healthy and sane during that time?

Thank you so much for your great post Holly! Good thing I practiced some of those tips! 


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    This is book marked, saved and emailed to myself for when I move this summer. Tips like these I never thought of.

  2. 3

    Those Zing bars are making me hungry…

    …great tips Holly! Thanks for sharing these. I don’t foresee myself moving anytime soon, but these are a nice reminder of how to shake up a stagnant routine.

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