My Pregnancy Journey: Week 18

Where is the time going!? As of today, November 1, 2011, I’m officially 19 weeks pregnant. So, you know the drill… let’s talk about week 18!

Week 18

Belly Week 18.JPG

How Big is Baby: Weighing 7 ounces and measuring 5.5 inches, baby is now the size of a bell pepper.

How I’m Feeling: I’m feeling pregnant! I know that may sound weird to say, but since I don’t have that telling baby bump yet, I sometimes forget that I am pregnant. However, one morning this past week, I definitely knew baby was in my belly. I woke up thinking my stomach felt weird. Then, when I felt my stomach, it felt hard. I stumbled to put my glasses on, but then when I finally took a good look at my belly, I noticed a hard big bulge on the right side. It was so neat! I poked my stomach a few times to see if baby wanted to play, but nothing really happened. Then I stood up and my belly went right back to not looking pregnant, haha.

How I’m Changing: Maybe I’m getting a bump? Sometimes in the evening I think I see one, but I usually think I look just the same. Other people have looked at my progress pictures and said they see one, but I think it might just be because they want to see one? My belly definitely feels harder, so I know my uterus and baby are doing what they are supposed to be doing, I’m just starting to get jealous of that other gals who have a cute little bump and are as far along as I am.

Number of Workouts: 2 elliptical workouts and one was completely pathetic. At least the long weekend in Maryland felt like a long workout!

What I’ve Been Eating: This week consisted of mostly homemade meals from my amazing aunt and uncle in Maryland. They definitely kept us well fed and it was appreciated!

Next Doctor’s Appointment: One week — November 8th! We are having the anatomy scan and hope that baby doesn’t keep his/her legs crossed.

Weight Gain: Guess who gained 2 pounds this week!? Me! Woot woot. I’ve now gained back 5.7 of the 9 pounds I lost during the first trimester. Only 3.3 more to go until I break even. I could definitely tell I was hungrier this week and was glad to have scrumptious meals made my aunt and uncle.

John’s Thoughts: Because of house hunting this week, my thoughts have focused more on the future and not as much on the present. One of the most important criteria in our potential home is space for a nursery. It was exciting to envision how we want to decorate for the baby, the location of the room relative to ours, and even considering where we want the guest room (would our guests be annoyed to be woken up by a crying baby?). Even beyond the nursery, I really had to consider the property we were looking at a home. It’s no longer just Katie and I living somewhere. We needed a home. I think we found a great place that I’m sure Katie will talk more about once it’s ours for sure. But in the meantime, I’ll keep envisioning those cliche, Hallmark greeting card moments with my wife and baby. (Can I just say awwww! I loveee reading John’s thoughts each week!)

Things We Are Looking Forward To:

  • Ordering our baby crib! I’m pretty sure we are doing that this weekend.
  • Finding out if we get the townhouse rental in Maryland. Pray for us!

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  1. 1

    Good luck with the townhouse!!! **fingers crossed**
    Be patient with the baby bump. By the end of your pregnancy you’re going to wish it wasn’t so big! Ha!

  2. 3

    Good luck with the house! I love reading John’s thoughts too! Are you going to share the baby’s sex? Do you have any guesses?

    • 4

      Hi Emily! Yes we are going to be sharing the sex! My husband and I both are thinking it’s a boy, but it seems like a lot of outside people think it’s a girl! My mom and stepmom both have guessed boy too — I have no idea what people are basing it on, but it’s fun to think about!!

  3. 5

    are you mooooving? :( Away from CLE????

  4. 7

    I love that John writes down his thoughts on the pregnancy too – so cute!

    When I go home to VA, I stay about an hour west of DC, so perhaps one of these days we can meet up when you move to Maryland!

  5. 9

    YAY!!!! I hope ya’ll get the townhouse! And where has time gone?!?! I kind of can’t believe it :) SOOOOOO excited for ya’ll!

  6. 10

    Enjoy your flat tummy time – “Baby X” will be making it grow soon enough. Good luck with finding a new place. I love how John writes too – such a sweetie!

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