My Pregnancy Journey: Week 17

Today, October 25, 2011, I’m officially 18 weeks pregnant! Time to tell you all about week 17!

Week 17

Tummy Week 17.jpg

How Big is Baby: Baby is the size of a turnip! At 5 inches long from crown to rump, baby weighs 5 ounces.

How I’m Feeling: Been feeling great! I cried two times this week, but that’s to be expected.

Number of Workouts: 3 elliptical workouts.

What I’ve Been Eating: Lots of homemade applesauce — yum, yum, yum.

Doctor’s Appointments: We had a check-up this week! Our doctor is super awesome; let me tell you why. We might wait longer than we’d like in the patient’s room, but then upon seeing that the ultrasound machine is turned on, she surprises us with an ultrasound “just for fun!” We’ve been so spoiled and this marks our fourth ultrasound — we realize this is totally unheard of. :)

IMG_5380.jpg IMG_5382.jpg

At the appointment we learned that I can/should(?) start to gain a pound a week. We also learned that my placenta implanted in the front (apparently placentas implant wherever they want). Basically, my doctor said that I probably won’t be able to feel baby moving and kicking around as soon because he/she will be kicking the placenta. Most importantly from this appointment, we got to see baby moving around A TON! Baby’s heart rate was 145 bpm at this appointment.

Week 17 Labeled.tif Week 17 Leg Labeled.jpg

Baby was still doing headstands like he/she was at our 13 week ultrasound. Wonder if baby can stay in perfect positioning the entire pregnancy!? Upon leaving our appointment, we scheduled our anatomy scan for November 8th, when I’m exactly 20 weeks pregnant. We can’t wait to find out if critter is a boy or girl!

Weight I’ve Gained: Up 0.4 pounds this week. My net weight difference is now -5.3 pounds. Slowly but surely, I’m making up that 9 pound weight loss during the first trimester! Guess I didn’t meet my first week of gaining a pound each week though.

Buying for Baby: Last night we went to Babies R Us to look around and saw halloween gear on clearance! We scooped up a few items and of course started thinking about what we’d want to dress our baby up as for critter’s first halloween.

IMG_5376.JPG IMG_5377.JPG
This week I also bought two new pairs of black leggings that I desperately needed. My other ones were so old and I couldn’t wait to pitch them. I bought a size bigger than I normally would — they are super comfy now and will still fit for a good while into the pregnancy. We also, umm, bought a new vehicle! This wasn’t a surprise purchase and we are so happy with what we ended up with. It’s a small SUV and will be perfect for our family. It’s also a pretty light blue color.

John’s Thoughts: It was such an awe-inspiring moment to see our little critter again; I could watch him/her all day. It’s humbling to think that two “cells” with only 32 chromosomes each made something so complex and beautiful. I find it especially hard to fully realize since Katie isn’t showing yet. It’s easy to forget there’s a baby in there but then you look on the ultrasound monitor and it’s almost startling. You always hear parents say how they loved their kids before they even knew them. I always knew what those words meant but now I’m beginning to understand them.

Things We Are Looking Forward To:

  • Finding out if critter is a boy or girl on November 8th!
  • Decorating a nursery!
  • Registering for baby!
  • Searching for housing in Maryland this weekend. Oh yeah, we’re moving! Full post to come.


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  1. 1

    Yay for 18 weeks! You look great. Where in MD are you moving? My sister is in Elkridge. I see a meet up in our future!

  2. 3

    You sound (and look!) so happy. I’m loving these updates!

  3. 5

    Love the “little critter” moniker! I’m so jealous you guys have gotten FOUR ultrasounds before you’re even 20 weeks! I have gotten two this pregnancy and they wouldn’t have done the first one if I hadn’t been so freaked out by my miscarriage last year. LUCKY! You look great, Katie! Can’t wait to find out what the little critter is! Any preferences yet?

    • 6

      I know we are totally spoiled — we have to keep reminding ourselves that it is uncommon and not to expect it with the 2nd baby!

      The little critter moniker is funny to me because my dad calls his bees “the little critters!” LOL. But somehow John started using it and it has stuck! Now I even say it!

      We’re excited either way if it’s a boy or girl… but I grew up with a big brother and John is the big brother, so that would be cool to have first :)

  4. 7

    What a great week! I love following your baby journey :)

  5. 9

    Buy maternity leggings when you need them, I lived in them. They’re so glorious! tight around the legs but loose in the belly, especially when you’re too big to fathom putting on anything with a waste band haha I had 2 anterior placentas so I felt flutters until like 22 weeks or so, then I started to feel legit kicks and you could start seeing my belly move with kicks around 25 weeks. Of course, I was a little bit bigger than you’ll be by then haha but don’t get upset when you see other 20ish weekers talking about feeling their babies kick and you don’t feel anything! It always made me a little sad, but I knew they were in there kicking away :)

    • 10

      Aww good to know about the anterior placentas and kicking — thanks Em!

      Also, were your maternity leggings like regular leggings with a belly or more like tights? I glanced when I was at Target at the maternity section and the only kind they had were like tights. I hope they make the other kind too!

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