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The other day, Katy posted about a new tool called I thought her post was really cool and wanted to check it out for myself.

What I had fun with was twitterizing myself!

I’m not really sure how it is saying that I tweet about fashion, but I like the dress my graphic is wearing because of it! Haha. I’m also wondering why my enthusiasm is only 1.45% — I’m an enthusiastic person!

I found this graphic to be a very fun way to represent what is happening with my twitter account.

Now it’s your turn, go twitterize yourself!

PS. I made the top 20 for the post I wrote about why vitamins make me better. Please consider voting for me!! Thanks!!


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    It’s really funny that I’m one of your trending topics. LOVE IT.

    We got to get you better shoes to go with that dress :)

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