Five Things Friday: Technology + Pregnancy

1. MommyHood forum on Facebook. When I first found out I was pregnant I started being a lurker on MommyHood. I would rarely comment, but enjoyed reading about different topics in the community. I knew about this forum because I used WeddingBook when I was planning my wedding and have looked through The Nest forums as well. Once I announced my pregnant on Facebook and the blog, I made a post in MommyHood announcing it as well! Now I comment whenever I want.

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2. Setting up a new folder in Google Reader. With so many amazing bloggers who are currently pregnant or new mommies, I started setting up my new folder right away. I’ve been adding to it over the weeks but would love more suggestions if you have them!

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3. I joined BabyCenter. I started looking on BabyCenter mainly to see how big baby was each week and how baby is growing + changing. The other thing I like about BabyCenter are the groups you can join. So far I’m only in three, but they send me a little email every morning with new posts. I like to lay in bed using my phone, seeing if any the new posts interest me.

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4. I downloaded the BabyCenter application. Once I joined, I saw that they had a mobile app as well! I like the app because during each new week it sends me a notification of what is happening with baby. I think the calendar they have it also nice because it will talk about baby, give you something to do that week, or remind you to take your prenatals. I don’t look at the app everyday, but once every few days is fun.


5. I joined TheBump. Actually, it was really easy to join TheBump because I was already a member of TheKnot, and you use the same email + password. What I like best about this website is the checklist! I can’t figure out how to view more than just my current week’s tasks and tasks I’ve yet to complete — so if someone knows how to view future tasks, please let me know! I also like the how big is baby section — which is similar to the BabyCenter weekly updates.

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Do you know of any other pregnancy related apps, websites, etc that I might be interested in??

PS. I made the top 20 for the post I wrote about why vitamins make me better. Please consider voting for me!! Thanks!!


  1. 1

    i love the babycenter app. It is awesome to use on my iPhone ESP during nursing the little one.

  2. 2

    Meet Tania from Growing Towards a Dream, she’a at week 34 expecting her first baby! I adore her and her blog!(

    Hope you are doing well!

  3. 4

    Another pregnancy blog – She is doing her fellowship at Duke in Pediatric Endocrinology and after 2.5 yrs of trying to get pregnant (with lots of dr. help and infertility problems) is now preg!

    Congrats again… I’m jealous :(

  4. 8

    Those are all wonderful pregnancy websites and apps! I used babycenter and the bump quite often during both of my pregnancies to see baby’s progress and ask questions. You may also enjoy not solely focused on pregnancy, but the blogger behind the site is pregnant and I love her veggie/baby comparisons!

  5. 10

    Katie K! She’s a soon-to-be-mommy and runner from South Louisiana!!!!!

  6. 13

    Congratulations, Katie! That is wonderful new and so exciting!

  7. 14

    Have you see Lots of workout and healthy living pregnancy info on there!

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