Five Things Friday: Amelia Edition

I’ve been desperately missing my niece and God daughter, Amelia, since leaving her a couple weeks ago in Florida. So for today’s five for Friday, it’s time to showcase some of those Florida moments capturing her cuteness!!

1. First time seeing Amelia in three months and first time Cammy meeting Amelia!

IMG_1223.JPG IMG_1224.JPG

2. Amelia all ready to go to the pool with Mommy, Cammy, and ninang (that’s me, God mother).


3. Amelia on the way to the beach.

IMG_1285.JPG IMG_1288.JPG

4. Amelia hating the beach. (She did end up liking laying on a towel over the sand.)

IMG_1296.JPG IMG_1293.JPG

5. Amelia loving her Lolo (Uncle) Tony.

IMG_1300.JPG IMG_1339.JPG

Until we see each other again, little one… ninang and ninong love you!!


How often do you get to see your nieces/nephews? This is my second time seeing Amelia and my third time to Florida this year. The distance makes it hard to see each other as much as we’d like, but this year I traveled quite a bit to Florida! I hope that we get to see this cutie patutie before too long again!


  1. 1
    Danielle Collotta says:

    Who can’t love that pretty face! You are such a great Ninang to her! :)

  2. 2

    Amelia is precious! I don’t see my niece and nephews enough! My sister just had another baby (Garrett) and he is 16 days old! Unfortunately, I probably won’t see him until Spring Break b/c they live in Atlanta. :( They were going to come up at Christmas, but with G being a preemie, they want to avoid contact with a lot of people during cold/flu/RSV season.


  3. 3

    OMG, those cheeks are the CUTEST!!!
    We don’t get to see Jay’s niece as much as we’d like, so we just send her presents in the mail all the time. Little kids love getting packages in the mail as much as adults do! :)

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