Back in the Game!

Well, I don’t think you knew I was out of the game, but it’s time for a little confession: running with Caity last weekend was the first time I ran since my last half marathon.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve run a little bit during basketball, tennis, and volleyball, but I hadn’t run run since the mini. The reason for the break? I’ve been having this weird pain in my left hip flexor area.

We did a run/walk, or shall we say a wog, for 3.5 miles. We finished in a respectable 46ish minutes. This was one of Caity’s longest wogs and I was so proud of her!

IMG_0940.jpg IMG_0942.jpg

This run really rejuvenated me and I was amazed with all the emotions I was feeling about missing running! I’ll be honest though, I did still feel the pain. It’s at it worst when I initially start the run and when I sprint.

After talking to two trainers and one trainer in training, we all think it’s something muscular (and not a stress fracture of the pelvic bone which I was being paranoid about) and that with some strength training, stretching and light running, I should be back to run running in no time! Okay, maybe not no time, but soon enough! Good thing I’m not scheduled for my next race since I have no idea where we’ll be leaving in the next few months, so I have plenty of time to get this little pain under control properly.

Since this run with Caity, I’ve run two two-mile runs. No improvement yet, but it’s only been a week! I’m gonna keep doing my thing and I’ll let you know what happens! To end, hope you enjoy our goofiness…


I had a great great time with Caity and am so blessed to have a best friend like her! Catching up on our adventures? We biked all around town, we baked and enjoyed gluten-free goodies, and had a chill bbq.

Have you ever had a little set back with running? How did you face it/overcome it?


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    Keep the spirits up… I had some of that pain and became romatically involved with a foam roller. But I am sure you are gonna be back on track quickly!!! Good Luck!

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    Man I hope you are able to work through that hip flexor pain! I had hip bursitis earlier last year and it was brutal! I realized that I was not stretching properly and it was causing all my muscles to pull out of wack. Find stretches for your IT band! Helped me tremendously!

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      My hip pain is more inside hip (closer to the groin) than my outside hip (if that makes sense). I do plan on stretching out that area — and definitely strengthening it! Glad you were able to work through your hip flexor/IT pain!

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    Hi Caity!!!!

    I haven’t really run since my marathon, either! But not because of choice.. but because of my stupid hip! It’s on the up-and-up though. Running, here I come!

    Glad you’re getting back into it, too!

  4. 6

    I just twisted my ankle (minor injury) last Friday, but I stayed off it all weekend and only biked this week for workouts so far and I am thankful I did because I feel like I’ll be ready for my 10K this weekend!

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    Glad you got a run in again. I bet it felt great. Sorry there was some pain, but at least it doesn’t sound like something serious.

  6. 10

    When I did my first and only half last fall it literally took me 3 weeks to feel normal. Then when I did run, it was pretty wonky.

    I think the recovery time is longer when you haven’t beocome a seasoned long distance runner yet. At least that was my thought as to why it took me so long to get back into the game.

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      Well my last half was my 4th half — I’m still new to it, but I honestly felt like I could have run two days after it except for this little pain. The rest of my body felt and still feels great!

      Now I do remember after my first half taking a good couple weeks to figure out what my body wanted to do, this pain is just surprising me — so little by little I’ll start to make it go away πŸ˜›

  7. 12

    Girl, I totally feel your pain (literally). At least you’re on your way to recovery! Glad you’re making progress!

  8. 14

    haha trainer in training… I wonder what awesome person that is :)
    Keep working at it, it’ll get better!

  9. 16

    Have you tried foam rolling the hip?!

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