Salonpas Review

While we are traveling to Indianapolis for the mini-marathon, I thought I would tell you about Salonpas pain relief patch — one of the reasons why I credit my achilles for becoming pain free so quickly. Image taken from Salonpas website.

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Salonpas pain relief patch and their other product, arthritis pain, are the only FDA-approved pain relief patches available over-the-counter. The patches are soft, thin and stretchable, and contain anti-inflammatory medicine that provides relief of mild to moderate pain for up to 12 hours. The active ingredients go directly to the site of pain since you wear the patch directly wear it hurts, unlike with oral medication.

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I would use the patches on my left achilles, cover with a sock, and then go to bed. The medicine was delivered while I slept. I took a whole week off from running and increased the usage of the patches during this week. I iced from time to time and just generally took it easy on the achilles.

Since that week off, I haven’t had achilles pain. I credit everything I did that week — but definitely think the Salonpas pain relief patches really worked and really helped. They also smelled really nice and kind of gave the site of pain a neat sensation. I would always receive that neat sensation initially and then again a few hours later. That gave me confidence that the 12 hour claim was really working.

I don’t have a giveaway for this review, but you can request your own sample via the Salonpas website or facebook page. If you request one, let me know how you like it!

Disclosure: I received pain relief patch samples for free from Salonpas. As always, opinions are honest and my own.

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