ALO Announcement {+ giveaway}

Remember when I reviewed two articles of clothing from ALO and hosted a giveaway?

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ALO Announcement.

ALO and I are up to it again, as they are sponsoring me with two outfits to wear during FitBloggin’! I’ve already received the outfits and I love them! I have an outfit for the 5k run on Friday as well as an outfit for lounging during speakers on Friday or Saturday. Thanks ALO!

About ALO.

Air. Land. Ocean. That’s what Alo stands for. The mission? To create high performance, stylish lifestyle wear with outstanding function, designed and produced with minimal impact on the environment elements Alo stands for: Air. Land. Ocean.

The vision? Produce high quality lifestyle wear through processed that mitigate our carbon footprint by utilizing reclaimed and recycled materials, maintain a sustainable environment and most impact fully, pass this knowledge along to our customers so they can make easy green decisions.

The Giveaway.


Studio Contrast Waist Shorts: Front and back style lines flatter all body types. Wide waistband for support and comfort. Drawcord at waistband for personal adjustment. Gusset for ease of movement. Coolfit, Antimicrobial, Stretchflex.

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The shorts are a size large and are very comfortable. These shorts were initially sent to me as part of my run outfit, however, they didn’t quite work out. Instead of sending them back to ALO, ALO has suggested that I give them away to you! Like I said, they are a size large and I have tried them on once. The package will be shipped from me — so don’t look for an ALO return address!

To Enter.

Leave a comment on this post telling me about your favorite workout outfit. For an extra entry you can like ALO on facebook or follow them on twitter — you can only enter twice, I’m trying to make this giveaway simple. :) Please leave a separate comment for each entry.

You have until Wednesday 3/16/11 at 11:59 pm EST. The winner will be announced in Thursday’s post. Giveaway is limited to US resident’s only. Good luck!

Disclosure: ALO provided me with two outfits for FitBloggin’ as well as these shorts. All opinions given here and during FitBloggin’ while wearing the ALO clothing are my own.


  1. 1

    My fav workout outfit is a trusty pair of running shorts I’ve had for years and a dry fit tshirt.

  2. 2

    I like ALO on FB!

  3. 3

    My favorite workout clothes are capris my sister got me for christmas with a long(er) workout tank!

  4. 4

    I liked Alo on Facebook!

  5. 5

    my nike running shorts from tj maxx and a t shirt!

  6. 6

    My favorite workout outfit is my black nike tank top with hot pink Nike tempo shorts with my pink and green polka dot race day headband.

  7. 7

    I also like Alo on FB and follow them on twitter

  8. 8

    My fave workout outfit is sentimental more than an actual favorite. It’s the running shorts and Kick (from teaching Group Kick) tank I wore to run my first half last fall. The Kick tank I wore with my sis and our running friend Steph who also became Kick certified with us. It was sort of a bonding/unity thing. And got me through that race, that’s for sure! Hence my favorite workout outfit :)

  9. 9

    I love my Nike running jacket Dan bought me for Christmas. It has a pocket for basically anything I’d ever need to carry with me on a short or long run. And it’s perfect for fall/winter/spring running.

    Also, I follow ALO on Twitter!

  10. 11

    I follow ALO on Twitter.

  11. 12

    My favorite workout outfit is a black running hoodie, capris, and a green hankie tied around my neck.

  12. 13
    Ashley H says:

    I love my black yoga pants and racerback tank top.

  13. 14

    my favorite workout outfit that i actually own is my yoga pants (from i don’t know where a really long time ago), a long sleeve reebok running shirt with thumb holes and a pocked on the arm for my keys, etc, my asics sneakers, and a bondi band to keep my hair outta my face! :)

  14. 15

    i follow alo on twitter. (@learningsarah)

  15. 16

    My favorite workout wear are my Old Navy Running tights and my black tech T-shirt from a race. So comfy and I look great before and after sweat.

  16. 17

    …I still need to buy that hoodie…

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE a long sleeve purple Nike Dri Fit shirt that Hans gave me for Christmas two years ago. I wear it A LOT. Probably too much. But I swear I wash it between workouts!!!

  17. 18

    I already “like” ALO on Facebook. Great giveaway!

  18. 19

    My favorite outfit are my really comfortable running shorts and tank top. I’m simple :)

  19. 20

    I follow ALO Clothing on twitter (@siilenti)

  20. 21

    my workout outfits have to vary for cold weather and hot weather! I prefer the feel of shorts and would wear them year round if it was possible. The lack of chafe is important to me. Shirts, prefer tanks (again, its so cold in winter cannot wear yearround). I hate running in pants, and if I must they have to be tight at the bottom :):):)

  21. 22

    I already follow ALO on Facebook AND twitter 😉

  22. 23

    I LOVE Alo, and I like them on Facebook, too. :)

  23. 24

    I am picky but cheap about my workout clothes. I wish I could afford awesome stuff like LuLu and Alo to wear more often! I cannot workout in anything but spandex or cotton leggings right now. I’m totally moving away from shorts…weird, I know.

  24. 25

    Nike capris! I feel badass!

  25. 26

    Hi Katie, I am happy to see you are reviewing workout clothes…I may have to pick your brain next time I see you. I am looking for a good pair of running shorts. I have problems with them riding up and chafing. My favorites were a pair of men’s addidas shorts, but they finally bit the dust. For now I am loving my running tights (no chafing) and new balance shirt with thumb holes. Congrats on your last race!

    • 27

      Thanks Ellen!

      As for running shorts, I have the same issue — riding up and chafing. Anytime I wear running shorts, I wear spandex underneath to avoid that issue. I know there are some new styles coming out that have spandex in them instead of the underwear since so many people have this issue.

      I really enjoy running best in capri length workout pants. Not issues at all and actually ALO makes an awesome capri that I love running in! (Especially now that the weather is cooperating more!)

  26. 28
    PurpleLarkspur says:

    My favorite workout outfit is a pair of lulu capris and an old nike tank. the tank is that wonderfully soft material that seems to get better with age!

  27. 29
    PurpleLarkspur says:

    i follow alo on twitter. i am @purplelarkspur

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