Final Countdown

It’s official friends. I am two rest days away from my next half. Friday and Saturday are going to be filled with rest and healthy foods.

Want to know why I’m a little nervous for this half? My training has been going superb! I know that should give me all the confidence in the world, and it does usually, but sometimes those bits of nervousness creep in. I just don’t want to let myself down! I need to remind myself that this half has 19 hills and to just do the best I can!

My last week of training has looked like this:

Sunday — 8 miles / 1:12:36 / 9:04 pace

Monday — strength / stretch

Tuesday — 4 miles / 37:02 / 9:14 pace — gorgeous outside and I could have kept going and going!

IMG_0018.JPG IMG_0015.JPG

Wednesday — cross training: 3.5 mile walk

Thursday — 2 miles / 20:34 / 10:17 pace — slight left achilles pain, weird?

This half is going to be different than my first, as John is my sole cheerleader! It think it’ll be pretty special though :) Love you babe!

Are you training for something? How were your workouts this past week?


  1. 1

    So excited for you!!! You’re going to do awesome!

  2. 3

    yay! Go Katie and John! It makes SUCH a different having someone there with you doing the race! Yay Team Heddleston!

    • 4

      Well he’s not actually running it with me but he’s cheering for me the whole time! And based on what he did during my first half, I’m sure he’ll jog next to me for a minute or two each time he’s sees me (so sweet!) Plus the races I’ve done are small so that is not frowned upon. Thanks for all the support Brittany!

  3. 5

    Yay Katie! So excited for you. Can’t wait to hear your recap later. You may only have one cheerleader in person but I can guarantee you have a WHOLE lot more! I’m rooting you on for sure!

  4. 7

    you’re going to rock this half! :) i’m not training for anything really, but my workouts have been brutal this week. i have crazy doms – i love it!

  5. 9

    You are awesome and I admire you for sticking to your training so well! Good luck – we’ll be cheering you on!

  6. 11

    Yippee!! Can’t believe its here! You are going to do so great.

  7. 13

    Good Luck! It can’t be as hard as the Hartville race. You’ll do great!

  8. 15

    Wow, that went fast. Believe in yourself and your body will do the rest! Good luck!!

  9. 17

    You are going to great, I have no doubt! Enjoy the rest and the food in preparation for the big day. I can’t wait to hear all about it!!

  10. 18
    Shannon Howell says:

    Good luck Katie… we will be with you in spirit!!!! You will do great :)

  11. 19

    So exciting!!! You’re going to have a great race on Sunday! I just know it!

  12. 20

    Here’s a to great race! Drink plenty of fluids!

  13. 21

    Best of luck! You’ll do great!

  14. 22

    you’re going to be great- believe in yourself!

  15. 23

    Good luck dude 😉

  16. 24

    Good luck on your half!!

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