2011 Goals

A few weeks ago #fitblog chats discussed resolutions. I had this take on it:


I often find that resolutions may be unrealistic and unattainable. I also think the word resolution implies that you need fix something that you aren’t doing right. Just my take on it.

I much prefer the word goals and think goals should be set anytime during the year and not just at the beginning of the year.


With all that said, I have created 10 goals for the year 2011. I think the goals I set throughout the year are going to help me make these goals come true!

Healthy Heddleston’s 2011 Goals


1. Run three half marathons.

  • How is this attainable? I’m currently training for my 2nd half marathon and know I will be running two half-marathons in the spring. All I need is at least one more in the fall and goal is met!

2. Run a muddy run.

  • How is this attainable? Hopefully by getting a group of Cleveland bloggers to participate in Warrior Dash of the Original Mud Run in the spring.

3. Save $_______ or more.

  • How is this attainable? Mr. Healthy and I have a goal amount in our minds to meet by the end of 2011. We thinks it’s attainable based on what we see in our savings account currently. We of course would actually like to exceed the goal in our minds — especially to help with #9.

4. Move out of Ohio.

  • How is this attainable? John should be graduating with his PhD in May or August of this year. Then he just needs to snag a job and we are outta here! I’ll try and snag a job too, I suppose πŸ˜›

5. Grow my nutrition business.

  • How is this attainable? Continue marketing and promoting my in-person and online consulting. Create a testimonials page under my consulting tab. Do more giveaways for my nutrition services to encourage purchase.

6. Attend a blogging conference.

  • How is this attainable? Yes, I’m kind of person who writes things on my to-do list that I’ve done, just so I can cross them off! I know I’m speaking at and attending FitBloggin‘ in May — so this will happen for sure!

7. Figure out health insurance.

  • How is this attainable? By applying to many companies or by getting added onto Mr. Healthy’s insurance whenever he gets a job. Friends, please do not worry — I DO have health insurance — however, it’s Cobra and super expensive.

8. Run a sub 30 minute 5k.

  • How is this attainable? By continuing to run and by pushing myself! And by maybe not picking a hilly course, ha. Plus my last 5k came in at 30:03 by my watch and 30:12 from course results.

9. Plan a trip for Italy in 2012.

  • How is this attainable? By completing #3 and then some, plus by continuing to learn Italian with our awesome Rosetta Stone.

10. Keep growing my blog.

  • How is this attainable? By doin’ my thang! Ha, really, I’m just going to keep posting, being passionate about what I write, and keeping meeting bloggers in real life! I’ve been really pleased with my growth in 2010 and can’t wait to see what 2011 brings.

I wrote all my goals down and hung it on the wall by my computer. I also made sure to give myself some motivation with one of my favorite quotes at the bottom of the page.

Do you make goals or resolutions? What would you like to accomplish in 2011?


  1. 1

    I refuse to discuss goal #4. You know why. Moving on…

    Let me know if you need help planning your Italy trip. I HIGHLY recommend Rick Steves’ books & website: http://www.ricksteves.com/

  2. 4

    I second Alicia’s comment.

    I tried registering for the Warrior Dash on Saturday in Logan, Ohio. It was booked! Let me know if you do Sunday or find another!

  3. 6

    You have some great goals Katie! Do you have any ideas where you want to move or are you willing to go anywhere Mr. Healthy gets a job?

    Best of luck on all your goals for 2011!

  4. 8

    Jay and I are trying to plan a trip to Italy, too! He’s been there before and said it will change my life. :)

    • 9

      I told John I would be eating a lot of caprese salad (which I LOVE) since I won’t be able to have the pasta!

      Going abroad is just great and John has never been and Italy is his top choice! Italy’s always been on my list.. so this is just perfect! Have fun planning your trip too — we’ll have to compare notes :)

  5. 10

    That’s how I approach blog growth too. I certainly want to see growth but I’m not going to pressure myself with it either. I’ll do my thing and see where it takes me. I trust it will be good places…for both of us.

    And I hear you have some awesome roomies lined up for Fitbloggin. πŸ˜‰

  6. 12

    We must really be sisters separated at birth! I just yesterday went to AAA to get information on a couple trips, one of them being Italy! Are you planning to do a tour?

    Also, I too include things on a list just so I can cross them off. :). Hope you’re doing well!

    • 13

      If we do a tour it would just be a day tour within the current city we are visiting. We have a friend in Rome and really want to feel like we’re immersed with the locals and get a feel for it all! This is kind of what my mom and I did when we went to France (my third trip abroad).

      But on my 1st and 2nd trips abroad I did tours and LOVED them.

  7. 15

    I need to make some goals like these! Usually, I don’t make any New Years Resolutions, but I’m thinking that I’d like to write down a few things that I know I can reasonably accomplish this year. I’m already in the process of working on one (get back to running about 20 miles a week–without injury), but I definitely would like to add a few more!

  8. 17

    I love, love, love that quote!! I’ve never read it before but it’s so true! Also your #4 makes me laugh because that’s been one of mine for too long – it’s too cold here! I wasn’t made for 25 degree temps. :)

  9. 19

    Great post! I love all your goals except I’m with Alicia on #4.

    SADFACE :(

  10. 20

    Awesome goals!!!! I agree with you on the resolution v. goals. Way better to do the goal thing :) On #4, I couldn’t be more with ya on that. AZ is amazing and I really want to move there. I really love how for each goal you have an action plan. There is no excuse to not achieve that way!

  11. 24

    I think we should move to the same place lol. It will make it easier for everyone to visit!
    And if you want to break 30:00, you can run with someone to pace you…like me :)

    • 25

      Oooo do a 5k with meeeeeeee!!! I seriously think I could have done it at the NYE race if it weren’t for that last hill. Bad girl. I was running with John and he had to pause a few times for me to catch up. Guess pacers are supposed to just yell huh? JK.

  12. 26

    Good luck to you on your 2011 goals. If you are still around later in the year. There are 2 good 1/2 marathons. The Buckeye half in later August and The Fall Classic in November.

    • 27

      Thanks!! And love that you used your twitter name for your name! Those halfs sounds great.. I’ll have to pick your brain about them if I’m still around then! Where is the buckeye half in august?

      • 28

        The Buckeye half is in CVNP on the boarder of Peninsula and Akron. It’s a pretty flat and a fast course. Last year they ran a discount if you signed up for both the Buckeye half and the Akron half. btw – Do you know a Megan O’Donnell? She’s my sister and is a RD LD as well in the Cleveland area.

  13. 29

    I agree. I don’t have resolutions per se, just things in my mind that I would like to accomplish this year!
    May you prosper in 2011~!~!

  14. 30

    Any ideas of where you’ll move???

  15. 32

    LOVE this!! I am so down for the Warrior Dash! :) And I should know about FitBloggin soon too!

    Yay for attainable goals! lol

  16. 34

    I like to make resolutions every year, but they’re usually open ended and the same. Love the idea to travel to Italy, I’m hoping to go to Europe this summer after I graduate college :)

  17. 35

    I think this is a great list of goals. I want to attend a blogging conference as well but with all the races I want to run I am not sure if I can fit it in the budget!

  18. 37

    Hi Katie! I saw another blogging conference in Todays Dietition called blogging for passion and for profit. Have you heard of that one? Love your goals for the year.

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