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Have you heard of Pop Chips? I recently had the opportunity to receive a sample package courtesy of Pop Chips, and was very delighted in my experience! Pop Chips is a sponsor of FitBloggin’11, so I look forward to seeing what they have to offer at the conference.

Anyway, the chips came in a very nice package…

…with a personalized note…

…and coupons galore! I loved the personal touch with the hand written note + was very appreciative of the coupons.

From the Pop Chips website:

We don’t fry it (unhealthy). We don’t bake it (undelicious). We take wholesome potatoes, add a little heat and pressure, and pop! It’s a chip. The only thing added is a flavorful blend of seasonings for a snack so delicious and crispy, you won’t even notice it’s (we hesitate to say) healthier. What’s out? More than half the fat of fried potato chips, trans fats, and cholesterol. All gone. For good. What’s popped in? Only what’s natural, tons of delicious, and plenty of crunch.

  • Pop Chips had many flavors to offer: sea salt & vinegar, barbeque, salt & pepper, sour cream & onion, cheddar, and original.

The wonderful PR people with Pop Chips even answered my gluten free inquiry: Pop Chips are MADE with gluten-free ingredients, and we have lots of gluten-free bloggers who swear by them. BUT, our factory is currently not certified as gluten-free. They do not currently process any gluten products, but they’re in the process of certification.

Personally, I had no issues with these chips and thought all the flavors were great (except the sea salt & vinegar because I just don’t like that flavor in general — I had a friend try that pouch who loved them!) I haven’t actually seen these in the stores, but I haven’t exactly looked either. I need to though because I don’t want my coupons to expire!

Have you tried Pop Chips? Had you ever heard of them? Are you going to FitBloggin’11?

Disclosure: I was provided Pop Chips samples for free. As always, my opinions are honest and my own. I was not required to post about the product or provide positive feedback.


  1. 1

    I tried them when I was in Vegas this summer, I think I had the barbeque kind. They were so great, I loved them!! I haven’t seen them in stores either, though =(

  2. 3

    I have tried the original flavor and loved them. I had to stop buying them because I had no self control when it came to snacking on them!

  3. 5

    I love Pop Chips, but I have a horrible habit of wanting to eat the whole bag! Trader Joes has a store brand, but I can’t remember the name. I think it’s something like “Trader Joe’s Popped Chips”. Look for them next time you’re there! :)

  4. 7

    I love the BBQ flavor, but I have to be careful. They aren’t filling at all, so I can easily eat a whole bag. Had no idea they were gluten-free – score!

  5. 9

    Yes, yes and yes! In Cleveland, I’ve seen them at Target and Whole Foods. TJ’s has their own version that is similar, but not quite as good. They are SOOOOOO addictive – I can’t keep them in the office b/c I plow through a bag in one afternoon!

  6. 11

    I’ve never had them – I’m not much of a chip girl (bring on the sweets!! hehe).

  7. 12

    Never tried pop chips but have heard of them! What are the ingredients like? Just curious! Thanks for the review :)

    • 13

      So sorry that I didn’t talk about the ingredients! I threw away all the bags already πŸ˜›

      I found them online, here are the ingredients for the original: Natural Potato Ingredients (Potato Flakes, Potato Starch), Safflower Oil and/or Sunflower oil, rice flour, sea salt.

      For the 1 ounce bag here are the nutrition stats: 120 calories, 4 grams total fat, 0 grams trans fat, 0 grams sat fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 280 mg sodium, 20 g carbohydrates, 1 gram fiber, 0 g sugar, 1 g protein.

      Better than most chips!

  8. 14

    I adore pop chips! I need to buy some for our house again. They go way too fast in these parts.

  9. 15

    Yes, I love THE BBQ and Salt & Vinegar…problem is I could eat an entire bag! yummy.

  10. 16

    I loveeee pop chips!!! Sour cream and onion is my fav!

  11. 17

    I heard about Popchips from Hungry Girl. I have tried them and they are pretty tasty. Even my husband, who doesn’t normally like “healthy” foods, loved them. I know that they sell them at Target and I believe they are at Whole Foods as well.

  12. 18

    I was looking around for information on Popchips and found your blog! I own a gluten free/dairy free specialty store in Orange, CA and we carry Popchips. I haven’t had any problem with them (I am gluten/dairy/soy free) but was wondering if anyone else had any reactions since they process the chips on equipment that processes wheat products. Thanks for your information!

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