The Cumberland Gap


The Cumberland Gap is a historic landmark along the lower Appalachian Mountains near the Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia juncture. This Gap is a famous passageway discovered by Dr. Thomas Walker in 1750 + widened by Daniel Booth. It was used by both Native Americans and pioneers journeying from the west to Tennessee and Kentucky.

Driving back from Crossville, TN, Joe + I knew we needed to stop at this historic spot and see The Cumberland Gap for ourselves. We hiked about a half mile uphill on Tennessee road until we reached The Gap. It was a bit rainy but an awesome experience.




While we were at one of the visitor’s center, we learned that the pioneers traveled in the winter in order to make it to their destination in time to plant spring crops. Therefore, the pioneers were experiencing treacherous conditions. We actually remarked that since it was raining + super cold we had a bigger appreciation for the pioneers and their ordeal.

Eventually we made it to the historic Cumberland Gap!

See the hill behind the sign? We decided to climb the rocky path in order to get a better view of The Gap. Actually, here’s a picture of the hill from the other side of The Gap… trust me, it was harder than it looks!

Views of The Gap from the hill…



On the other side of The Gap was a marker for Daniel Boone’s Trail, which was from North Carolina to Kentucky.


This hike was great! Of course downhill took less time + was easier, but I’m so glad we went to see the actually spot of The Cumberland Gap!

Have you ever been to The Cumberland Gap? What historic landmarks have you visited?


  1. 1

    beautiful photos! what a great place to hike :)

  2. 2

    So beautiful! I love how you captured the mist and fog in your photos. Makes me cold in fact :)

    • 3
      Healthy Heddleston says:

      So cool, huh? My friend kept saying how the fog was really helping the experience (even though it was freezing and we were dresses completely inappropriate!)

  3. 4

    Never been – but I would definitely go if I were in the area!

  4. 5

    Never even heard of it..what a sheltered life I have!
    Actually, I have travelled quite a bit and seen so many historical places. I love visiting little bits of history. My hubby on the other hand, enjoys tall buildings right in the middle of big cities. Yuck! I’ll take the fresh air over the smog any day.

    • 6
      Healthy Heddleston says:

      Ohh yes, I’m definitely a fresh air kind of girl! Traveling is so fun and to capture a little bit of history along the way is awesome too!

  5. 7

    You have been to some beautiful places lately- GREAT pics!!

  6. 9

    What a beautiful and scenic place to visit. I love your photos!!

  7. 11

    It is beautiful here,,Im lucky enough to live 10 miles from the Gap. The drive up to the lookout thru the park is very nice,, there are also some cannon’s still up there and fort remains.

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