People Person

I’m not sure how well my personality is portrayed through the blog sometimes, but in case you haven’t figured it out, I’m a people person. And I don’t discriminate against people… babies, toddlers, teens, adults, grannies… I love them all. My Sunday was full of seeing people and I loved every minute of it! The morning started with meeting my friend Heather and her Team Challenge group on the Towpath. I was there to talk about Fueling for Fitness as well as joining them on their run!

Heather’s group was awesome! She has a great recap post on her blog now! I really enjoyed answering some questions for the group after the run. They were really into learning about proper nutrition for fitness!

After driving home and cleaning up, Mr. Healthy and I went to a birthday party since this little guy turned one:

Adorable right? I remember last Christmas holding him at 2.5 months old dressed in a Santa Claus outfit. Yes, in person it was even cuter than your current mental image. So what do 1 year old birthday parties mean?? More kids!! I also got to hold these little ones:

The rest of my Sunday included a 4 hour nap — oops. I guess I was being a people person with myself for a little while there! I was super excited Sunday evening though because Monday I got to meet Ashley! I’ve been reading Edible Perspective for awhile now, but guess I never realized she grew up in a Cleveland suburb! We met for warm drinks…

Ashley is super sweet and we talked and talked! We got to know each other, talked about the blogging world, talked about traveling quite a bit and more! Thanks for a great meet-up girly, I hope you visit home again soon :)

Well my people person Sunday and Monday are over. I’m back in the routine of being a nanny by day and dietitian by night — both of which still in involve people, so I can’t complain.

Are you a people person or do you like to be by yourself more?


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    I like a good balance of both. If I get too much of either, I go crazy. Especially with people :)

    I never knew you were a nanny! I was one for about a year and a half – definitely a fun and challenging position.

  2. 3

    I’m definitely more of a people person (which what makes the law school life so hard!). But I also like to have some “me time,” where I can just relax and be by myself. It all depends on the day, I guess!

  3. 5

    I’m a people person most of the time, but since we’re always so busy I really CRAVE alone time these days. :)

    It was great having you at training – thanks again for coming!

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      Ohh I completely understand — just depends on what’s going on in life if I want to be around people or not .. it could just be as simple as having quality QT time with the husband!

  4. 7

    I’m a people person..defnitely! I also grew up in the cleveland area! What part are you from? Ashley just designed a new header for me! I would have loved to met up with you both!

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