Shirt Spirit

How was everyone’s weekend? I’m working on re-capping my visit home for my brother’s 21st birthday — hopefully part of it will be posted tonight!

But for now, I have a silly fun post. When I headed home for my Gaga’s passing in July, I filled my suitcase with suitable dresses + shirts with positive sayings. I just wanted to take a moment to share those shirts with you!




I also have a gray love shirt too. I bought these all at Old Navy for maybe $5.99.

Do you have any positive saying shirts? What events do you wear them to?


  1. 1

    I love these shirts! While they may get covered by bibs, how motivating would they be to run a race in?

  2. 3

    oh i love the new blog layout and the tees! very cute and full of spirit!

  3. 5

    What cute and fun shirts!! I haven’t had cool t-shirts since 6th grade when I had a boat load of tiny-tees that said awesome phrases like “Whatever” & “As If” 😉

  4. 7

    Very cute shirts!! Unfortunately I do not own any like this!

  5. 8

    These shirts are totally adorable! I want one!

  6. 9

    CUTE shirts! I like the SMILE one especially, I think if I saw that (or wore it!) I couldn’t HELP but smile. :)

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