Heddleston Hillbilly Hootenanny — Part II

I loved reading your comments from the Heddleston Hootenanny Part I — trust me bloggies, I was terrified of those guns! It was definitely an educational experience — not something I plan on doing frequently by any means. I also must add that Mr. Healthy’s family does not hunt. We were just learning about the riffle / hand gun and doing target practice. I literally only shot each gun twice.

Moving on to part two…

The annual Heddleston bonfire was a blast! This was my first experience and I enjoyed every minute of it! After Part I of the Hootenanny it started to sprinkle, and while we had a cookout in the garage, it down poured rain. We hung out inside playing games and pool, starting to think the bon fire might not actually happen. Around 10:30 pm the rain stopped and Mr. Healthy, his dad, and Sam went to get the party started! At this point I was soooo tired already but got a second wind and really enjoyed the night (er, and the morning.. I was awake until 4:30 am – yikes!)

Dear Mr. Healthy: you are so cute and fun to be around!

Anyway, a slumber party ensued and Joe and I pretty much talked the night away from 3:00 – 4:30 am. We became friends in college and now we will see each other more since we moved to Beachwood — yippee! This picture is a Katie burrito in the morning. You all know I’m usually not camera shy, however after 5 hours of sleep I’m not very functional.

Heddleston Hillbilly Hootenanny 2010 = Success!!

Have you ever been to or hosted a bonfire? Gimme the deets!


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    Haha nice, you actually posted the picture of you under the sheet!


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