Cardio Shuffle

You’ve heard of the Cupid Shuffle, so now I bring to you the Cardio Shuffle. Today’s workout goal consisted of using the treadmill, elliptical, and stationary bike each for 20 minutes. I then compared the calories burned and miles completed.

  • Treadmill: 2 miles / 230 calories
  • Elliptical: 1.6 miles / 180 calories
  • Stationary Bike: 3.6 miles / 100 calories

I’m sure this all depends on resistance level and ramp angle, so these could vary for everyone. I just thought it was a neat comparison!

I’ve been using my new apartment complex’s workout room and I had really hoped to maybe meet a few workout friends. So far I have only seen females using cardio machines (great!) but they all have earphones in and are watching the cardio machine television (boo!). Today I literally felt like I was screaming at the girl on the elliptical because I couldn’t figure out where my ear phone plug was on the treadmill and she was very focused on her individual telly! Oh well, guess I’ll keep trying!

In Other News

I turn 25 on Friday. Yipes! Tonight as I was babysitting, I was wondering if 25 means I can still do certain things

Can I still bring Mr. Healthy home a rainforest picture?

Can I still take pictures of each animal proudly?

Can I still create friendship bracelets with the phrases I love John and Healthy Heddleston?

Why yes, yes I can and I might even do a little Cupid Shuffle while I’m at it.

My picture is proudly on the fridge (after signing and putting my age, as per Mr. Healthy’s request) and he very much appreciated my hip and cool fashion bracelet professing my love.

Have you been a kid lately? If not, go be one now!

What will 25 feel like? I bet exactly like 24! :)


  1. 1

    Take it from someone older (I’m at the ripe old age of 26) that you can most certainly still color, dance around while doing laundry, do cartwheels in the grass, play dress up with other people’s pretty dresses and sing songs to the dog while being a mature 25 years old. I hope it still rings true for me when I turn 27 next month πŸ˜‰

  2. 3

    Being a teacher keeps me a little bit kiddish at heart. :) Those good ole fourth grade years… ponies, puppies, birthday parties, American Girl and Hannah Montana. Ah yes. That’s the world I (still) live in.

  3. 5

    Happy early birthday!!!! I don’t care how old I get (I’m 25 now) I will always be a goofy kid at heart. :)

  4. 7

    I am 24, and I was talking with my friend (she is 25 already… super old! πŸ˜‰ about childish tendencies we still have. I asked if it was okay if (despite my self-proported love for healthy lifestyles) I kept eating kraft mac n cheese, juicy juice boxes, and animal crackers until i die and if it is still socially acceptable to fly on your grocery cart through stores with long, wide open aisles? we decided yes.

  5. 9
    Shannon H says:

    Happy Birthday…. 25 is awesome! I’m going to be 26 in a month and still love acting goofy and being silly :)

  6. 10
    Shannon H says:

    PS… I’ll come by and be your workout buddy! I need to come and learn some ways to excerise in my apartment :)

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