English Muffin Pizza’s (GF and Non-GF versions)

Last night I had a meeting in the evening so it was time for a quick dinner: English Muffin Pizza’s!!

I use the GF muffins from Food for Life and husband uses the multi-grain muffins from Thomas.

John’s pan for the toaster oven (the one’s on the left aren’t GF or multi-grain.. I forget what was leftover, plain?)

John’s plate.. nice and melty!

My pan for the toaster over. GF, GF, GF!

My gorgeous plate :)

Oftentimes with the GF muffins it is tricky to know when they are done. I have pulled them out too early and then they taste a little off… but I have pulled them out too late too and they’re super crunchy. I need to find that nice happy-medium spot.

Anyway, what do you do for quick dinner nights when the family is going every which way??


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    There’s a company that makes awesome GF english muffins. Ezekiel 4:9, I believe. SO good! I get them at Everything Natural Under the Sun in Altoona. Yumm-o.

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    Healthy Heddleston says:

    Ohhh thanks for the tip Abby! I’ll have to look out for them!

  3. 3

    Did I get you in a pizza mood? haha

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      Healthy Heddleston says:

      @Emily–yes you got my in the pizza mood the other day!
      @Brittany–spaghetti is def a go to for my husband when I’m not around
      @Katherine–multiple choices and multitasking :)
      @Alyssa/Kenzie–Food for Life is awesome!!
      @Sophie–I had a HUGE mashed potato phase umm in summer 2008.. yes I can vividly remember where, when, and how I was eating so many tatoes!

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    Mmm mini pizzas are so good! I actually may have one later because I have some sauce I need to use up… thanks for the idea!

    My quick, go-to dinner is spaghetti. Boring. But easy :)

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    That is so great you have multiple options for the entire family; this is a perfect throw-together meal for everyone

  6. 7

    I’ve never seen that variety in Food for Life! How exciting!


  7. 8

    My family is ALWAYS going every which way…which I don’t mind because I get to cook my own stuff. :-) these days, I’m digging mashed potatoes.

  8. 9

    i love food for life! my roommate makes those all the time. My quick meal is usually a frozen veggie stirfry.

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