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As some of you are experiencing, there is heatwave hitting a lot of the north east–including Ohio. Yesterday, I posted on facebook about my awful run and had to walk during the middle of it. I was then asked about my hydration. Well, since it was just a 3.1 miler I typically don’t bring water because I don’t like to hold anything in my hands; however, the heat was making even running 3.1 miles unbearable. My cousin, Anita, suggested a Nathan’s Sprint Handheld Hydration System.

After looking at the product online, I went to Dick’s to make my purchase. Here is my new toy in it’s packaging…

The packaging states,”A run of almost any distance will benefit from proper hydration. The Sprint is the perfect size for short or intense runs. It incorporates a unique hand strap so that there is no need to grip the flask, allowing all your energy to go where it’s needed. It’s topped off with a Race Cap, originally designed for gel consumption, so fluids come in quick bursts to avoid interrupting breathing or affecting stride.”

This is how you wear it…

Cute huh? It worked really well on my run today and I felt much better being well hydrated even on a short run.

My only criticism of this product was the cost. It was $16.99 at Dick’s for this 10 oz. and Nathan’s 22 oz. handheld hydration was $17.99. So for half the capacity it is only $1 cheaper? I asked a Dick’s employee about this when I got to the cash register and he said that Nathan’s sets the prices and Dick’s didn’t have any control over it. Such is life–I still love my new toy.

How do you stay hydrated on your runs? What hydration system do you use?


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    I use a similar water bottle that straps to my hand. For longer runs (like when I was training for a marathon), I carried that and also made sure my run was a loop so I could go back to my car and refill my waterbottle or that it ran past a water fountain. One water fountain I used to run by was next to a fig tree so I could get fuel off the tree instead of carrying it! :)

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    YAy for running toys!

    I have the 22 oz…it’s ok, kind of cumbersome, but still convenient. However, I prefer my Camelbak, but that’s overkill on shorter runs! But in the summer I need something, so the Nathan works great!

    As long as your aren’t dehydrated then you don’t need water or fuel on runs. Your body really adjusts to your training habits, so I try to train with as little as possible!

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    fun new toy! I dont hydrate on runs (given Im never running for more than 45mins). but make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day. that would probably need to change if I was ever running marathons though.

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      Healthy Heddleston says:

      Yeah, given the heat wave I thought it was necessary to hydrate to give myself a boost. I definitely stay hydrated through the day, but given I run in the morning I’m not as well hydrated as if I were to run in the evening.

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