Rewind: Hawaii Hiking

The first three photos are from the Po`ipu Hiking Trail off of Shipwreck Beach. There were actually a few different routes to follow but we stayed by the coastline in order to have a breeze. We tried to hike on an inside trail on our way back to Shipwreck Beach but it was way too humid for it. This trail was not difficult but was very scenic and a fun way to spend an afternoon.

The next eight pictures are the first two miles of the Kalalau Trail. The Kalalau trail starts on the north shore of the island, where the main highway ends at Kee Beach. The first two miles of the trail are moderately strenuous and open to the public. This portion of the trail leads to Hanakapiai stream and beach. I have a photo with a Hanakapiai Beach warning, with the number of deaths tallied off as well. Of course, people are silly and we saw people along and in the shore. The trail beyond Hanakapiai is open only to those with camping permits, even though it seems people hike without the required permit.

The Kalalau Trail actually continues for approximately a total of 11 miles. The trail is very strenous and runs along the north shore from Kee Beach to the Kalalau Valley. An experienced, very fit hiker can complete the trail in about a day, but most people require two days and will camp along the trail.

We had a great time hiking this trail. It took up about 5 hours to complete the 4 hour round trip — that, and the pictures, show how difficult the trail was. We weren’t prepared properly for food and drink either… only carrying 3 bottles of water and 2 apples — guess we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into! We actually wanted to continue two more miles inward to a waterfall from Hanakapiai Beach… for a round trip total of 8 miles. We never would have made it on the amount of water we brought, so it was best we turned around when we did. Next time Kauai… next time…

What have been some of the best hiking trails you have ever experienced? Where are they and when did you conquer them?

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