Around the World: The Philippines

Most healthy/nutritious food you have experienced while in The Philippines:


“We always incorporate vegetables in our meal. It’s not only affordable but healthy! I love Pinakbet (mixed veggies) and Chopsuey (stir fry veggies). We have different ways of cooking base in one’s region. As to where I got my cooking recipe which is from my Papa (Dad). He cooks it sauteed in garlic, onion, tomato then pork cuts. Add basic vegetables including squash, bitter melon, eggplant, string beans, okra, and chili peppers. Some delicacy adds shrimp paste, better known as ‘bagoong’ to taste.


Another classic chinese dish is Chopsuey which has become part of our meal. Sauteed in garlic and onion. It includes vegetables which are cauliflower, carrots, cabbage, broccoli and mushrooms. The pork may be substituted with diced chicken meat. You can always substitute the vegetables and meat according to what you want but the staple should be there which is garlic, onion, soy sauce, salt and pepper to taste.

I also enjoy grilled fish. Having to lived in a tropical island rich in seafood one cannot missed to have this delicacy especially during summer! The fish is flavored with lemon grass, garlic, onion, salt and pepper and brushed with mixed tablespoon of soy sauce and vinegar. Now in our tradition when you serve grilled fish you need to have soup to have a perfect meal. It’s always best to have soup with it and what i like best is pork stew known to us as ‘Nilagang Baboy’. This is cooked with onion, tomatoes, lemon grass, pork cubes and vegetables which includes string beans, radish, chili pepper and bok choy. Some region would add tamarind to make a sour broth which becomes ‘Sinigang na Baboy’.”

Grilled Fish

Nilagang Baboy-Pork Stew

“Lastly, a meal wont be complete without rice.

We prefer white rice since brown rice is more expensive and there’s abundance in white rice. The portions may vary and we always have them with our meal.But a healthy portion would be a cup per meal.”

What made it so healthy/nutritious:
“We make use of portion having more vegetables than the meat. You get all your healthy ingredients in one tasty dish! From your carbohydrates to your green food. That’s why portion and choice of food always matter.”

What is the setting in which you ate this food:

“We Filipinos always prefers it homemade. Nothing is better than enjoying your meal with your family! On some special occasions we can enjoy it in restaurants. In a busy day, there are mini eateries that serves variety of Filipino food known to us as ‘Karinderia’ especially during lunch time.” ~Michelle R.

Michelle R.

Michelle was born and raised in the Philippines. She currently resides in Florida, USA. This is a picture from her Filipino wedding. Thank you for your contribution Michelle, very insightful!!

Have you ever been to The Philippines? What were your experiences with the Filipino food and culture?

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