Left-Over Chipotle

I used to never eat Chipotle, however, now there is one thing I will order when John gets the Chipotle craving. I order a vegetarian bowl with rice, grilled green peppers/onions, lots of tomatoes, cheese, lots of lettuce and guacamole on the side. Inevitably the bowls are very filling, so it is best when I only eat half and save half for later. This is what I like to use…

I like to just put it on my griddle and warm up the tortilla…

Then, I top the tortilla with my Chipotle left overs and eat it open face!

Voila! Yummy! And might I add that the above picture turned out really well! :)

What do you do with Chipotle left-overs? What is your favorite thing to order at Chipotle?


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    Nice idea! I don’t get the guacamole though since it costs extra, so I am usually able to eat an entire bowl even when I get the steak burrito bowl!

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