Family Time

This week I was able to spend Sunday-Wednesday with my family in Pennsylvania before I head off to Wellspring camp training in Asheville, NC. Fortunately, my family will probably be able to visit me during camp once we are back to the Pennsylvania camp location at The Kiski School. Here are some pictures from the visit:

Grammy, me, Mom

Me and brother Billy

Me and my Daddio

and our little fur-babies, Ernie and Emmy

These couple days were packed full. Other things which happened (listed in order in which they occurred):

  • Had a running workout on the track (2.25 miles).
  • Made a delicious gluten free pizza.
  • Had a swim workout (700 meters).
  • Cleaned out the upstairs bedroom closet.
  • Enjoyed pedicures with Caity and her mom.
  • Had a running workout on the road (3 miles).
  • Picked up our WEDDING ALBUM!!!!
  • Visited Grammy.
  • Visited my Dad and Camille.

Now, I am having a relaxing day with blogging, reorganizing my bags for my flight tomorrow, and waiting until Caity is off work so we can head to Pittsburgh in preparation for my flight in the wee-hours of the morning tomorrow!

When is the last time you visited home? What are usual events when you do go home??

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