LRH: 9 Months Old!!


Picture overload time! Lincoln turned 9 months old!! Stomach Bug and Sleep: This month sure has been a doozey. The beginning of his 9th month brought Lincoln’s first stomach bug (and the rest of the family) and his first trip to the ER too. We are so so so glad that that is all over {Read More…}

Quick Back-to-School Recipes with Bumble Bee® Tuna


Thank you Bumble Bee® for sponsoring this post. Check out custom tuna recipes from Bumble Bee® for this back-to-school season. Tuesday was the first day back to school for the kids in our neighborhood. Back to school week means many things: settling into a new routine, new activities, and deciding whether you want to pack {Read More…}

Our Melting Pot Family Date!


Yesterday we did something really fun (or, potentially really stupid – it was to be determined), but it all turned out awesome! We took the boys to The Melting Pot!! Many months ago, we donated to St. Jude’s and got a $20 card to the restaurant when you order $50. It’s not too hard to {Read More…}

20 Mouthwatering Breakfast for Dinner Recipes!

Breakfast for dinner: who doesn’t love it? It can be as easy as eggs and toast, or pancakes when you’re crazing a some sweetness. Why limit yourself to the basics, though? I for one, could eat breakfast foods for all meals of the day and am excited that I found so many breakfast recipes that are beyond the basics for this collection.

Learning with My Breadmaker


If you’re gluten-free like me, you know that buying bread at the grocery store costs a pretty penny. My favorite sandwich bread is Rudi’s multigrain and it averages about $5/loaf. So, I have long wanted a breadmaker in order to save money and create other yummy creations as well! Last week my breadmaker wishes came {Read More…}

The Deliciousness of Blissful Eats!


If you follow me on instagram, you’ve already seen my love for Blissful Eats, but I wanted to post info about my friend Nicole’s company here too! (Disclosure: I did receive these free of charge to review, but I’m so excited to order more!) My friend Nicole, formerly of Making Good Choices Blog – now {Read More…}

Four Words Per Picture


Note: I wanted this post to go live last week, but it went unfinished. I told myself I would finish it over the weekend and then our whole family came down with the stomach bug. So let’s just pretend it’s last week, k? Xander started homeschool preschool. I turned twenty nine. Delicious fresh garden dinner. {Read More…}