Whew! We made it to Virginia!


What a busy last few days we’ve had! Our weekend was filled with finishing up packing, attending Xander’s best friends birthday party, and squeezing in last minute visits with a few of our friends. The movers arrived Monday morning and about a half hour after they arrived, I scooted the boys off to music as {Read More…}

Reebok Skyscape Styling and Review


Comfortable and cute – these Reebok Skyscape shoes will pair perfectly with so many outfits in your wardrobe. Learn how to style your Skyscape shoes in this post, as well as learn more about the product itself. This is a sponsored post with FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok.

The Ultimate Coffee Date #1


Good morning! How’s your Monday treating you? I actually love Monday’s because it’s music class day! I know Monday’s can be a sluggish day though, so I figured, why not start a morning with a coffee date? Fellow bloggers Jill, Lynda, and Nikki are hosting an ultimate coffee date once a month and I’m joining {Read More…}

Things I’m Loving Lately


Time for another addition of things I’m loving lately! Hope you all had a fabulous weaken;, we had a lot of family time and tried to pack a lot of our house! One(ish) week to go! Sunny days and walks! I’m so so so glad the weather is finally staying nice! It’s been super fun {Read More…}

Understanding the term “Organic”


There are three levels or organic claims on food labels: 100% Organic: products that are completely organic or made of only organic ingredients qualify for this claim and a USDA organic seal. … It is not safe to assume that an increase in vitamin and minerals occurs in all organic food or all organic growing conditions, as the studies are highly mixed and more research is needed.

Postpartum, Life, and Training Update


Whew. An update like this is long overdue. Where to start? Where to start… Postpartum Update Lincoln is now 3.5 months old, which means I’m 3.5 months postpartum. I’m mentally and emotionally doing great. Physically, I feel fine now, but I did have a bit of a set back. I started having lower back pain {Read More…}

12 Salad Recipes for your Sunday Dinner

This is a sponsored post with foodie.com. Growing up, Sunday dinner was not our thing. Sunday pancakes, however? Totally our tradition. But for many families, Sunday dinner meant a time for everyone to get together and prepare a big hot meal. I imagine those Sunday dinners to be similar to what our family experienced on {Read More…}